Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Nicholas' Room; One Down, Four to Go,

At long last, the day has little guy is moving. sigh...

He is moving away from the safety of my arm's reach - um, at night that is. His room has been the big, blue Yankee room directly across the hall from my room. That is, until today. He, being the youngest, has lost rank. His theme, as if anyone needed a clue:

yeah, I know. This has been a very fun room to create. He wanted me to paint an entire wall in camouflage or "cameraflage" as he calls it. It just couldn't happen that way. The border itself was killer. But fun. I won't tell how long it took. As I post this, the rug is being installed.

The mascot, who sat with me the whole time. I will remember to disengage my flash when I take the next pix.
Lastnight, as I tucked my little man into bed, I realized that it was the very last time in his big blue room. So I told him so, and he became very sad and scared and said to me, "Mom, it's so dark and far down there."
OK, so just knife my heart out why don't you, buddy! I grabbed his sweet, smelling little self and just held him tight and told him that I'd make sure he had a night light in his room and one in the bathroom and that Bosco would sleep with him. I have a sneaking feeling he may end up in my room tonight. That's OK. And as I just told Frank the story, we agreed that Rocco should sleep with him, too. I am SO glad that is solved.
As soon as the room is totally finished, I will absolutely update with more cool pics.


ErinM said...

I hate painting. We just finished doing my little sisters' room with dark pink on top, brown on the bottom, light pink boarder in between and different colored spots around the top. Yes, it looks like a Dr. Seuss book. But she loves it.
Took for freakin' ever!

Jeff said...

What a milestone, moving into a big-boy (or should I say little-soldier) room downstairs. So gee, do you think he'll be interested in the Marines or what?

Dr.Carley Clan said...

That looks great! You are such a great mom. Hey do you get migraines from the smell of paint or does it make is worse when you are painting? Just wondering if that happened to any but me. But the room looked wonderful! Here's to a great mom!!

deborah said...

HA! Little soldier, that's cute, Jeff. This is his second big boy room. And I'm all done doing this for him. DONE!

And OH YES the paint fumes definitely give me a migraine!! It took me roughly 2 weeks to get this wee little room painted. The camo border painting took three days to paint. Each color needed to coats. But it was a blast watching the expressions on all of their faces as they'd come in and see each day unveil.

Now we see little figures, like bunny rabbits and upside down duck heads, dogs, weird stuff, that I never intended to put on the wall in the camo. Pretty neat.

Ugh - now to get creative with the girls rooms. I actually can't wait.