Saturday, November 10, 2007

Little Man and His Cave

Lastnight, Nicholas had his first sleepover in his little man cave. I didn't really see too much of him for most of the night, or much of the morning.

These would be the pre-sleepover pictures. And then the following of course, you get it. His best buddy, Eric.
some of the mess

some good, old fashioned horse-play, or dog-play, with Rocco.

Yes, I know. My little guy is, well, little. Where DOES he get it?? Ok, so Eric is a good foot and a half taller than him. Oh, and 2 years older, but they are best friends. He, Nicholas, could not ask for a better friend.
He came home from school a few days ago to tell me that some kid was pulling his ears on the bus. Little brat, I'm thinking to myself. What kind of kid pulls on another kids' ears?
"What did YOU do, Nick?" I asked him.
"I told him that he better knock it off or I'd tell on him." he very quickly AND sharply replied.
Now, although he does have the Bruce Lee posters and the Marine going on in his room, I'm not for fighting; and neither is the school policy. The idea is to "Stop Bullying in it's Tracks" OK.
He has it down. Frank and Philip would rather see it the other way, and have him knock the kid on his a$$. The world is violent enough to me. I don't know.
Now, the kid starts to pick at him to another kid, "Nick's going to tell!"
By this time, the Staunch Protector, Eric (the Great) starts to climb the steps of the bus and hears the conversation, and sees the kid go for Nicholas' ears, again; Nicholas says, "Don't touch me, or..."
.....and Eric finishes his sentance "Or I'll punch your lights out!" and shows his fist. The kid sat down. And so did the rest of the kids.
They all like Eric, because he's really a big sweetheart, who is afraid of hurting anyone; mostly because of his size, and probably because he really is a great kid. Who wouldn't want a friend like him?
He told me this morning that he was so thankful to have Nicholas as a friend. That made ME feel fortunate. My little guy made Eric feel fortunate, too. There is something very special about little boys; they are special little treasures.
Please keep this litte treasure close to your heart and prayers this holiday season; he lost his Mom this past summer to cancer. I see her face in his when I look at him. He is a wonderful, sweet little-big boy. He will be going through his very first Thanksgiving and Christmas without his Mommy; and I cannot imagine how that is going to be for him, or for his Dad.
I do know that my Nicholas will be a wonderful friend to him. I am so proud of my little man. Yes little boys are truly wonderful little creatures. Snips, snails and puppy dog tails. They are wonderful.


Jeff said...

Boy, could Nick be any prouder in those first pictures? I guess that fits his dream of being a Marine huh, few...proud...

That's awesome that he has a friend like Eric, you know, someone who will come to his rescue - with a chainsaw if necessary. But that sure is sad about his mom. It's good that you and Nick are in his life.

Dr.Carley Clan said...

I just feel terrible for that little boy.
I know you never asked for the job, but the Lord sort of brought it to you.

What a perfect match, your child and the his friend.

He could not be in a more loving caring family than yours especially during his first holiday's without his mom.

Sometimes life can be so tough, but it is shown to us that there is a God because there are litte angles like you out there.

Have a pain free day!
P.S. Great job on the room