Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What Was I Thinking

Really. What on earth was I thinking when I was complaining about the fact that there was no snow falling on my Christmas?

Did I fail to remember how the bitter and bone-chiling, booger-freezing, not-wanting-to-go-out-and-move-the-van-into-the-garage-to-warm-it-up-before-I-have-to-go-somewhere cold, is SO cold that not even the kitties are going outside?

The dog has such a hard time with the single digits, that it's actually kind of comical. He balances himself from three legs, holding one up out of the frigid snow - as to keep his paw from touching. Then to shift weight again to another round of legs, lifting a different paw up off arctic snowcaps, balancing, or trying to balance his bulk of natural muscle on three legs.

Why WHy WHY?????? Did I complain? It really wasn't so bad having "unseasonably" warm temperatures. In the mid 50's. In December. What would I give for a 50 degree day now? Better yet, what are we giving up for the reverse? When I woke up this morning, I believe it was 11 degrees outside. 11.

Driving Marisa back to school yesterday, there was actually, and I still can't even believe it as I write this!! But there he was, running in a storm, it was coming down pretty good, the temp was 15. I looked. It was snowing at a rate of 2 inches per hour. The wind chill was somewhere near -10. Yeah, degrees. I know. This guy had, literally now, white frozen solid, eyebrows and mustache on his face. Well, we just cracked up at the site of him, asking if each other saw him, then realizing, in hysterics, that we did. I mean, what was he thinking?? Is it THAT important to get a run in? In these conditions? His face, as my Mother used to put it to me when I was a kid, "froze that way!" In the literal sense. How good can it possibly be for your body, in any form to be exposed to such conditions?

What a freak!

I kept Nicholas home yesterday because of the weather. I didn't even want to bring Marisa back; but because of labs, she was insistent! I've never been one to send my litter out into the elements if it's dangerous. Yesterday was, without question, dangerous. We saw two car accidents on the way to school, from the dentists office, withing a mile of each other. the traffic on our street alone, was backed up from accidents both lastnight AND again this morning; both on opposite corners, nontheless. Dangerous. Bus rollover on the news this morning.

Again I ask myself, what was I thinking???? Clearly, I wasn't. I just really wanted to see the pretty, in-a-paper-weight-sort-of-snowfall-look. Not live the Alberta Clipper everyday. I hate the cold. It hurts.

This morning I saw my pain doc. He shoved a needle up the back of my head. AAHhhhhhh, I'm sure, in a few hours, I will feel relief; however, for now, not so much. Next month I'm scheduled for the freeze. This is supposed to last for three months. Hey, one can hope, right. Because quite frankly, the needle thing, that really sucked. Out loud. But it did help for a few weeks last time around. For now, it's a little friend of mine called, Zofran - ah yes - my buddy to help me with this little itty bitty knot, no not a knot so much as a ........ hmmm what do I want to call it?? Stabbing nausea today coming with the ice pick kind of. So, we are going to go lay down together. And stay warm.

I hope everyone else is feeling well today


Jackie said...

I hope the needle pans out for you!!

Can you e-mail me your son's my-space page? I would love to check it out!!

Bill Lee said...

Deborah: You have my complete sympathy because of your migraines. A friend of mine, Lt Graham with the 11th Marine Corps Reserve Tank Battalion suffered with migraines. He was about 6ft 5inches and close to 260 lbs and I took the pistol out of his hand because of those unbearable headaches. Do not give up. Hopefully a cure will be found soon. God does answer prayers!!!