Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sometimes You Have to PIC Your Battles. (ha ha ha ha!!!)

Ah, yes. My first victim case in point: Cinderisa, not your average Princess.

Once upon a time, there was a Princess named Cinderisa. Cinderisa was the most outgoing and fun-loving, (bear with me here, try NOT to look at the pic) of her peers. She had a radiant smile and her laughter filled the hallways of our castle home.

But not on this day. For this was the First Day of School, and the Queen needed to get her pic before she left the safety of the chambers castle

QUEEN: "Smile for Mommy, Cinderisa! You're wearing a dress and everything. You look like a girl!

CINDERISA: "Mom, you're such a jerk! I don't want my stupid picture taken!

(FLASH- that is where above photo was taken)

QUEEN: "If you don't smile and let me get a good one, I'll be forced to drive you to school in my pajamas. And take pics of your friends with you. You'll be the only one not smiling and.......

(she cuts me off quickly)

CINDERISA: "Fine just get it over with!"

That is so much better isn't it. Even if she was faking it. How they learn at such a young age. Moving on to my next crisis case.

Yes, I know, I know. She is smiling here. She was quite pleased with herself; thrilled how the colors all worked so well together. But as I sat there inspecting her, I noticed her apprehension in showing me her backside. Hmmmmm

QUEEN: "Ok, Catmawler (OH, insert sound of screaming and hissing cats when you see her name. You'll get it later), give mama a little spin. K

CATMAWLER: "Well, my shirt is hiding it.

QUEEN: "Define IT" for me please. Just turn around"

(now she is becoming rather, defensive. Picture a fluffy tail getting full, if you will)

CATMAWLER: "Mom, I don't know what happened, but I swear they fit when I tried them on, and now the stupid things won't zip all the way!" (she is now heavily irritated, blaming the stupid pants for suddenly getting smaller in a weeks time.)

QUEEN: "Ok, just go put the other pants on, and we'll take them back, no big deal." (that's what I think!!)

CATMAWLER: (major hissing at this point ) "Well, I don't see why I can't just wear them today! (----> me pointing to her room) It's not (all together now) FAIR!!! If you let me wear them, I promise I won't get them dirty."

QUEEN: "Chris, they look terrible. Do I have to explain the bathing suit thing to you again."

To which she bolts to her room, loudly, very loudly, and slams her door. And comes out like this:

Hey, I didn't pick out the clothes! By the way, other than the stupid saying on the shirt, it was a great outfit! I recently recycled that shirt, like as in this week. Now it's 2lost 2ever be found! hahahahah. That made her hiss too.

Nicholas, on the other hand, he wasn't at all concerned about what he wore! Nope, little boy genious just wanted to get on the bus! He was having a ball getting lots of pics taken for school, as I was trying to keep him from getting dirty while he ran.

I realize the pics are a tad outdated, but some of them I just took in for developing. Yeah, I looked in the camera and there was a roll of film. And for the rest I'm just starting to have fun with my new digital toy. Which brings me to this:

I'm still learning. This was his Halloween costume. Can you guess what he was? I posted it back in oh, probably October. He wanted to be a piece of cinnamon toast. So we made him one together. Oh, I took the pic yesterday. We can now recycle the toast.

Take a guess at who the Beast was:

He was none other than Shrek. This was the last of the film, so we didn't get a very good pic. He made an excellent Ogre. He pretty much had the scent down, too.

The goon squad. These two little sweeties were making birthday cards for Nonno. This is Ms. Vanessa. Ain't she purdy!!

And the last two pics are of Hyrup. Just after Bosco's first little escapade into his tank. Which, he still tries to get into on a daily basis. I just had a thought!! I wonder if it has anything to do with catnip OD he had when he first came here!

No joke! I went to the grocery store, got a bag of nip; and as I was doing the usual in-and-out trips carrying the luggage in, on my final trip, I noticed one of the bags had been knocked off the table. Weird. Rockhead was still in his crate. Nala was too small, and never got on the table. I hadn't given Bosco a thought. I go about the business of putting the hordes of food away, and notice this trail of green leaving the kitchen. So I follow it, with a huge ? in my head. Seriously not knowing where it may have come from. I go to the end of the line, and there is Bosco, bag of catnip tore open, all over the living room and he is just rolling in the stuff! Not to mentioned, covered in it.

I took the remainder of the bag and put it in the drawer of the sofa table. I thought he couldn't possibly get it there. Later that day, I notice another trail, and the bag. Again. So now I blame the kids, of course. The cat isn't able to open the drawer. Opposable thumbs. Naturally it was Ididn'tdoit's fault. But I couldn't seem to locate him.

That night, after the very little remains of the stuff were back in the drawer, I watched as he went to the table, and from under the drawer, shoved his paw in and grabbed out the bag. If I hadn't seen it myself, I never would've believed it. This cat was hooked and not to mention, he was so totally stoned.

So I ask, could his rather slow abilities be from his insane hunger for nip early on? Did it interfere with his brain development? I think the possibility is a good one. Or a bad one, depending on how you look at it. He is very young, will be celebrating his 2nd birthday next month. Hmm, should we get him some nip?? He hasn't had any since then. You know, I do have to get groceries today........


Erin said...

That pic of your little boy on the bench is really cute.

Emily said...

heehee. great pictures, made even funnier b/c they were accompanied by explanatory captions. :)

Jackie said...

ok seriously, you need to warn us in the title if there is going to be snack picters! You made me scream at work!!!

(also, for the record, I totally couldn't read the one about the missing snack, if you read my archives from Novemeber, you will understand!)

Harmonica Man said...

Great pics!

I still can't believe you have a snake as a pet. I thought we were radical because we had guinea pigs!

Mitch McDad said...

came here from harmonica've probably tried everything for the migraines but if you haven't tried this it might help. Frova (a triptan, like Imitrex) is a leeser used triptan than some of the other, but it can work very well with women, especially if your migrains are mentrally related. Not a lot of doctors have experience with it, so you may need to ask.

It's also important to take triptans as early as possible--when you sense the migraine onset.

good luck

deborah said...

Guinea pigs? That's a snack for Hyrup!! Kidding. Right now he only eats small rats. Gross, I know. I am not in charge of feeding.

Mitch, thank you very much for your input; however, I have an allergy to Triptans. So far they're not as bad as they were a year ago. Maybe things are starting to look up. I just take it a day at a time. Enjoy myself more.

deborah said...

Jackie, I promise you I will send out a warning next time!

I made my first little video on this new computer. Lots of fun, just need to add music. Hey, Em, which song should it be from our favorite band????

And Erin, he is as sweet as he looks.

Thanks sso much for the comments!

Overwhelmed! said...

Your kids are cute. :) I'm SO NOT looking forward to the teenage years with our son. :)