Monday, February 05, 2007

Storms All Around

The weather here totally freaking sucks! Plain and simple. School was closed. Winds were high. Farenheit was near zero. Now, we are experiencing the Lake Effect snow. We could get up to 8 inches. of. snow. tonight.

Poor Frank pulled his back at work on Friday. He's in pain. Today, I had to take him in to see the doc; and while we were there, sitting forever, I noticed it suddenly getting darker in the waiting room. So I asked him if he noticed it too. Cause I thought it was pretty weird. But he didn't.

I should have known. Actually, the thought had crossed my mind, but I ignored it. Then the tingly feeling across my face, and in my eye the shooting pain. Oh, yeah, here we go. And then, it started to brighten up. So I thought, maybe I was in the clear.

He was called into a room; and as she was taking his vitals, I suddenly felt the shooting pain, the ice pick again. But this time, it was different. This time it hit my left side. I typically get them on the right. And I have had Migraines on the left, but not the ice pick. This one was knocking me dizzy and off-balance, and just plain off my center of me. And naturally, Frank noticed it, because I had that dazed and confused look about me. All of a sudden, the focus was no longer on the patient, but me. I really just wanted my abortive and water. They were very kind, but seriously, what could they do?

Frank will be getting some much-needed PT for his back, and right now is feeling slightly better.

I have been feeling gross all stinking day!! I'm not so sure the block did much good either. I think this freezing, frigid arctic blast of crazy cold is really making matters much worse. So long mascara, because, I just gotta say, it's not tear-proof. I have been just tearing crazy today.

I'm going to bed!


Harmonica Man said...

Oh that sucks. And you seemed to be having relatively good days lately too. Hope it doesn't hang around too long.

deborah said...

tell me about it! My eyes are feeling it today. Thankfully, we didn't get the snow; however, 46 inches fell just North of us. They can have it!

deborah said...

Why Can't I open my stupid account????

Harmonica Man said...

Any luck getting your account to work? I know blogger has technical support (in theory) but I've never tried to use it.

deborah said...

TADA!!!!! Yes, my own personal tech support, ah, my hubster, figured it out. It just took us 3 days of agony. Well, I agonized. and now, I'm in migraine aony. seriously. But at least I can BLOG!!!!!