Monday, February 19, 2007


Day 4.

Not much sleep again lastnight. Mostly the pretty, swirling paisley aura. I really must paint them. First, they are grey; in the form of a rectangle. Going around the rectangle; swirling around it. Then they flash a brilliant blue like a bolt of lightning. Fast. Quick. Not quite seeing it at first. Just a dot here and there. A pen-dot. As they come, each time, they grow bigger. Swirling faster. They begin to make a "Zigging" sound. A very fast sound. I wonder if I'm really hearing it. It jolts my body when I do. So, yeah, I suppose I'm hearing it.

I've put a call in to my doc; not sure what he's going to prescribe. Fortunately, it's been months since I've been this sick. Since I've had to be hospitalized. No, not that! I can feel myself starting to slip away, and it scares me. On the plus side, it's been a great ride. I have had a wonderful time with my husband and kids. We are actually planning to take our vacation this year. Doesn't that just figure. We didn't go last year because of me. No, because of Migraine. We didn't go because of my illness. But we are planning on the trip this year. We WILL go! I will not let them down again this year. We will feel the sand in our toes. Meet up with our friends in Virginia. And I will hope to see my friend Dave there this year! Oh please oh please oh please!!!!! be there this year when we go!

Yes, we will be taking our vaca no matter what. I hate this freaking disease!! I'm sick of it robbing my body of life. Not this time. Not again. This is where we will be standing in July!

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Emily said...

deb, i also find myself resenting my head pain, especially when it interferes w/my family socializing. i'm glad you're going to have a vacation!! you deserve it!