Sunday, February 25, 2007

Just Shoot Me. No, really. Shoot Me already

The Prednisone - did nothing. Well, other than the acne it caused, it did nothing for the Migraine it was supposed to suppress. Tomorrow, I am scheduled for my cryoprocedure - you know, the big freeze. On the right side. We'll see how that goes.

The unfortunate thing is this; the new and improved, yeah, that's it! whatever. The new dilemma anyway, have been plaguing my left side. That is what nailed me yesterday. Rather, it was more like a hatchet. not even the "friendly" ice pick that usually gets me, no, this time it was a rusty and very cold hatchet. I could see it as it was coming into my skull; deeper and deeper down my face, slicing my eye socket. I'm still feeling the residual pain today. It's not as bad as yesterday. yet. But it's all still there. And I am so tense. From my shoulders up. No, pretty much everywhere. No sleep lastnight. I am spent. The pain is bouncing, as it was yesterday; back and forth, from the left side, back to the right. BANG. BANG. BANG. BANG.

And I know the procedure is always a bit of two-steps back, before I feel any progress; so do I go for it? Or cancel? Call my Neuro and get in for the IV meds now while I'm just ahead of the game? I can actually feel myself losing the control all over again. I feel the inside of my head swelling. The "pressure-like" feeling. Off balance. So, what to do.

The aura have been more than exciting and dramatic to watch. Ever-increasing with their intensity; which means the pain scale goes up. As it did yesterday. It's moving up right now. The flashing and jiggling are happening as I type this. It was about this time yesterday when it all unfolded on me. Here we go again. I can feel my stomach now, getting very uneasy; so the Zofran I took an hour ago was of no use. Gotta go

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Emily said...

i feel your pain.

sorry you had another med trial fail. goodness knows we've both been there, done that already.

i hope you talked to your Dr. about the procedure; having never nad it, i can't say what i'd recommend. i hope he could help you make a more informed decision!! hopefully you are feeling better today. :)