Friday, February 23, 2007

I hate the mall

Feeling a bit like a rabid cat, strung out on espresso, after a long night of hunting; yet being hunted itself by wolves. That about sums up my trip to the (hated) mall with my uterine deposites. I mean, my babies. No, today, they are going to be referred to as the UD's.

What had started as a pretty hellacious week; me being in the never-ending nightmare of migraine - yeah, again. Not to mention, dare I forget, the jack-hammering that accompanied my own fierce pounding - my house is, let's just say, less than perfect right now. I was feeling guilty for not being able to go anywhere with the UD's for both afore mentioned reasons. So I thought it would be a great day to head out the dreaded mall ( stupid, I know!) and spend the day there.

Yesterday, the plan was to see a movie and do a little, NOTE the word "LITTLE" shopping. And as you can probably guess, it just didn't turn out that way.

Cinderisa had it in her mind she wanted a certain pair/type, can we say UGLY style of shoe, and I was on the more "practicle" state of mind. So, we clashed. If you'll just scroll down to the pic of her on the first day of school, the one where she isn't smiling, but smirking - yeah, that's the face I had today. Precious.

After oh, I really don't remember how many stupid shoe stores we ventured into, I'd had enough of the face, the attitude, the stress. No freaking shoes! Forget it, we'll go to KMart, can you stand it????? another day.

Off to Claire's with the Catmawler and she was so easy. Almost too easy, as she hasn't been too much this week. Even Nick was blessed with a treat. A cute little McQueen necklace. he's jazzed.

The real fun was the toy store for him; he shops like me - indecisive. We were there too long. Before the stress really hit me, we actually had fun in Pottery Barn Kids. You know, even if I had the money to buy the cute kitchen appliances for the UD's, no, wait - what am I saying, I would SO buy the appliances. They are something sweet. I think I want to get a job there just so I can play with the cool toys. Rather, assist the other UD's that come into the store; show them how to appropriately utilize the INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE STUFF MY KIDS WILL NEVER SEE!

So tonight, after they are ditched from a speeding minivan dropped off at their Dad's, Frankie and I are going to dinner with my sis and hubby. Hello crabcakes! Outback it is.

I just realized why I'm so freaking hyped up! FIVE DAYS OF PREDNISONE!!!!!!!! Feeling the need to scream. I actually said things to the UD's in the mall today that I normally don't say. Eew, scary. I probably looked like (oh boy), "one of those Mothers" . Oh well, deal with it! It's over.

So having a glass of wine tonight! hello Doobie Blues!!!! Gotta love NY wines.

Ciao all. have a great weekend.


terri said...

deborah - what a wonderful post. i love your story of a day with the kids, especially the speeding minivan part. i also agree with you on the pottery barn issue. :)
sorry to hear you are feeling spent,but congrats on getting through the mall without killing someone. i can barely do that on a "good" day! :)

Spencer said...

yuck i'm glad you're getting a chance to relax. cannot IMAGINE having a jackhammer going at the same time as a migraine. there aren't earplugs 'strong' enough. i feel for you.