Saturday, February 17, 2007

Buried. Alive.

I sent an email to a friend last week asking her, "Got snow?" And then we got this. This is a picture of Nicholas, on a chair, looking out over the snow on the back deck. On. a. chair. ON. A. CHAIR!

This is where we let Rockhead out to go to poop hill. Waay out there in the distance. But the snow is too deep for him to get thru. The tracks are not from him, oh no, no no NO!! Those are mine. I trudged myself up the stairs to the deck to rake the roof. Houston, we have a very big problem! Ice and snow is building up on the roof in major proportions. I hate WINTER!

When you open the front door, again, this is all you see. More white....... stuff. It took three times to get it down. Three times for me and Cinderisa to get it shoveled to look like this. We still can't get mail delivered to the box out front. Why? Because the plow keeps burying it with more SNOW!!!

This is what it looks like from the driveway! Oh sure it's pretty, but just try removing the stuff from the car and sidewalk 2-3 times a day! Not to mention the roof. We can't see around the snowbank to get out of the driveway.

It just keeps piling up and piling up. The kids had 2 snow days this week; but I kept them home on Thursday, because it was terrible out. I think we totaled almost 3 feet in the past 3 days. Not as bad as Mexico getting 10, but still crazy!

It is very beautiful on the pine trees! ONLY on the pine trees.

OK, now it can all go away! The storm has brought on a whole new front to my migraine storm. Lastnight I was hit by a train-like migraine out of nowhere! It's preety much been like this all week. Ice picks, aura, tingling in the tongue and mouth. Back to the round of abortives for a few days. Hoping it will work its magic. Praying it will just leave me alone.
I was unable to get myself logged into my site for days; and Frank finally figured it out for me. My hero! For now, it's back to resting my head. So much to blog about!!!! Emily, when One Sweet World comes your way, you owe it to yourself to go see them!! They were totally awesome!


Harmonica Man said...

Actually, I'm jealous. We've got nothing but a dusting here and haven't had anything all winter. We used to be known as "Minne-snow-ta"!

deborah said...

Be very careful what you wish for! I was jealous at Christmas time. Look at me now. I'm screaming for Spring. HELP

Erin said...

I think we got a half inch of rain last night. Maybe. Today? The sun is out :)