Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What a Day!!!

Who knew there were so many hours in a day to get so much multi tasking done in? Again. Actually, I was able to get my Christmas decorations packed away. (faint choir humming in the background). This has been done quite late for me. A task usually done by December 26. No joke. I'm known for it. So to have a naked tree sitting in my livingroom as I sit here and write this still, is just killing me. Frank thinks (and this is funny) that he will come home and take it out tomorrow. I'll be hearing that all week, thankyouverymuch, but that thing is history before Christina's bus hits the driveway!! I just might get up and make pancakes for the occassion! I didn't even take the lights off this year. For a buck a box, I'll sacrifice. It's the new me. Let the tree stay longer, screw the lights. I'll just get new ones next year. I was due anyway.

By the way, someone please (Robin, that would be YOU!) remind me next year when I'm going nuts wondering what I did with the lights, just remind me that's all.

If that wasn't enough, and by the way, that is a task! Although, there are still the trees out front that need to be put away. I did get the wreaths off the house though. Points for that. Anyway, there was the boatload of after holiday laundry; and just what gives with that?? I know I told these girls to bring their stuff down twice a week. It's amazing, I know they passed their passed hearing tests. And they do hear what they want to, but c'mon, I know they've heard this a thousand times. This was ridiculous. We do have, as everyone does now, a h/e washer and dryer which you can double loads in. Whatever. I still find myself doing 4 loads for 2 days. In a row. 2-3 times a week. Right, add that up. Just about every stinking time I turn around, there's another basket. No kidding they recycle their crap. And to think we were stupid enough to buy more CLOTHES for Christmas. What were we thinking??? Time to clean out the old ones when they come down! Oh yeah. Quality control, that's what I call it.

Then, can you believe it? (I know, my cape, trust me, it's pretty awesome) Cinderisa had a physical; so to the school and to the wait............ oh I mean the doctors office. It's a good thing we're on a good-friends-type basis. Otherwise, the incredibly long wait, just sitting there, for no good reason. At all. Other than to sit and, oh I don't know, maybe, say, get the stupid trees out of my front yard since it's now January 2nd...... yeah, in comes the good ole doc, blah blah blah......( no really I love him. Nice talk about kids, family and all. Oh and of course, Marisa good healthy stuff. Time to go now) More freaking waiting for another 25 STINKING (uh huh! really) minutes, just for paperwork and a freaking flu shot that I could have given her. And gladly would have after all of the freaking laundry I did!!! Ok, then to the lab for blood work. (My cape got caught in the door as I flew out )

THEN, I went to the grocery store. How mny have I lost by now?????? Went home, made dinner, brought kids to Dads, having wine here I am. Honestly, I feel like today, I put in 20 hours! And I didn't sleep again. Where oh where is the energy coming from? It must be coming from the aura! I don't know.

Here's a new one though. Now my food is changing taste. Not so new actually, it's always tasted weirder to me than anyone; but today, I actually took more note than usual. Like for instance, the tuna fish I was eating was great! White albacore, I was enjoying it, and all of a sudden, the flavor changed to this strange metalic and bitter taste like it was poisoned. I couldn't eat it anymore. I knew in my head, there was nothing wrong with it; but the same, I just couldn't eat it. And right before, well about half an hour before, there was the psychedelic aura I get at night. No migraine to follow. A little "boom-boom" but no major migraine like normal. But all night long, with the psychedelic aura, I had the most intense migraines banging my head and ear. For the past oh week, it's been going on. Then tonight, I made a stir-fry. Everything was fresh, and clean! It was delicious, and then, it was tasting like styrofoam and pungent. First the peppers, then the steak. I was done. Couldn't finish it after that. Then the boom-boom a little later. Nothing too bad though that I couldn't tolerate. Just a faint booming. Not like in my sleeptime. That is just terrible. Like around a 7; I can hear the sound of the pain and the swirls. But this was more faint and tolerable, a 4. More of a distant low drumming. They're changing. Still there, ever present. The aura, incredibly beautiful to see, and feel, taste for a moment. But then they turn on me into the monster. They morph. Like a Venus fly trap to the victim; very pleasing to the eye, until - trapped. That is what my aura does to me; it teases my senses, and then, when I least expect it, I'm trapped in it's claws and daggers of doom.

Well, at least I was able to get something accomplished today before the big storm takes me again. Now about those stpid trees.......

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