Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sidetracked. Again.

Well, I needed to go to the big pretty store anyway. You know the one; large bullseye over the front door, beckoning your name, if you haven't been there since before the giant Elf himself shopped for the kiddies. I think it secretly calls me in my sleep. Hey, maybe that is what the flashing was I saw lastnight.

I'm beginning to take a new angle on this whole aura thing. Maybe it's really subliminal. Maybe it's put there by say, NOT big pharma, but by big banka. Ya know. hey, somebody needs to make money right now. And by the looks of the place today, it wasn't happening where I was.

But, you know what? I didn't care. Me and the little guy had an adventure. I had started out of the driveway, on my way to the - say it together Mom's (ok, and Dad's!) - the grocery store!!!! Oh, live a little can I? I know, just wanting to be me today, aren't you. So there we were, on our way, list in my purse, ready to go, DMB playing and singing to ME, thankyouverymuch!! Just four houses away from mine, and the little bullseye comes to mind. For no apparent reason either. It wasn't on the list. Not on my mind. Not in the future. POP, there it was. and before I could even think about it, I just said out loud, "Let's go to Target and get you some nice warm, flannel sheets!"

And like a zombie, I was on my way. No thinking involved. Just drove. In fact, I don't recall the ride there. Funny, isn't it. It's all coming together now. Aura, short-term memory, blackout, spending spree. Hmmmm. No, it just couldn't be.

The place seemed so much bigger than I remember. I even grabbed the extra super deluxe cart, made for the multiple-child Mom. It was, remember, just Nick and I. I had super powers today. I was actually able to maneuver this demon on wheels quite well. Not bad for someone who refuses can't doesn't exercise. So there is no muscle mass in my body, whatever! Yes, I am skin and bone. But I did get the truck through the place, and Nick was proud. (So sorry little old lady. It wasn't my fault, she was bent over, I swear!!)

For anyone interested, they have their little Bavarian, Around the World Fair going on right now. Really cool stuff! We spotted some pretty things we would like to redecorate with. I believe I will see my son on HGTV some day. He has decided he wants to start collecting something. He hasn't quite decided what, he thought about the shiny pillows, and the collorful painted balls from Asia. Then there were the African safari animals, the the the and on and on........ He needs to find something of interest!!!!! I'm thinking DUST.

right, HGTV, he loves Giada and Paula. Is fascinated with helping me cook and clean. Yes, I do clean. Don't I? He enjoys the home improvement shows as much as I do. he loves Ty Pennington, although, I think it might be the hair and his amazing energy. Regardless, the child has great taste. Just saying, you may spot the boy on a show some day. Just say, you read it here first.

When Frank says I'm like a kid in a candy shop when it comes to making decisons, today was not my day. I actually did pretty stinking good. Now how is that for oxymoron?! This sentance is so totally screwed up, it makes perfect sense to me. Scary. Now, typically, when I'm in my worst migraine mode, I cannot for the life of me, make a decision. I will stop, stare and just stop! and I'm done.

Last weekend, Terri and I went to Wegmans together. Thankfully, she was with me, because, I never would have made it out alive. Or at least with what I went in for. I was in Migraine Hell. Confusion was written all over me. Example: try to pick out bandaids during an attack! can't do it. Impossible. why???? Well, because first of all, there are too many brands; store brands, commercial brands. Then there are the Dora, and Bugs Bunny, Cars, and Tweety Bird. (Wait, there's MORE!) Then, we have the sizes to worry about! Oh yeah, and latex. Clear or flesh or color. This is for bandaids!

I still need juice - grape, orange, cranberry, cranberrygrape, applegrape, ??????? what do I want? store brand $$$$$ See what I mean??

I was having a bad day. She was very helpful. She did the bandaids for me. and a few other things I absolutely couldn't have done! This morning, I ended up somewhere I wasn't supposed to go, did some shopping, got a few odd bargains. I ended up burning myself out, and now, I can't make it to the store. But that's besides the point. I'm feeling sidetracked again.

We did, however, make it to Home Depot. Which is where we needed to go to get Hyrup's lamp. Hyrup is the snake. I know, I know, some of you are now crawling out of your skin. (hey, Hyrup does that, too!) Sorry. but hey, he needs warmth. This is the part I was trying to get to when I came to the computer when I GOT SIDETRACKED BY MY HEAD! Just be thankful you're not me. It's even more frustrating trying to get away from the story when it's in my head. All you have to do it click that little "X" up there.

The best of today happened when I walked into Home Depot with my six year old little man, and he spotted a Cars flashlight. Now, he had asked me for a flashlight for Christmas; and the rotten Mom that I am, forgot about said light. I was so busy thinking toys, I forgot!!!! Thankfully, he hasn't once hung it over me. So he sees this HUGE, as it was, box with Mater and the gang just laying there waiting for these little boys to come along; and I swear, his eyes just bugged. He didn't ask for one, which was odd. He just showed me. Pointed to all of the characters by name. Well, I had to get it for him, remembering that I was a dud forgetting it at Christmas. So I said, "Would you like it?"

"REALLY?!!!?? YES!!!!"

He is just so stinking cute! He got his light. Proudly carried it through the store. Put it together when we got home. And when he gets off the bus from school, I'm sure he will be very proud to show it off to his sisters and Frank, and maybe take it to his Dad's house.

How wonderful to have nothing to care about but a flashlight. Or the color of your cup. Or who you sit next to at dinner. I wonder if it made his day more , or mine? Either way, it was a great way to get sidetracked.

For now, I'm going to try and tackle antoher Migraine. I knew it was coming. I saw the lights in my dream this morning. Bright, flashing lights in the upper right side of my head. Just around the pretty psychedelic dancing aura. I do wish I could animate them somehow. But my are they ever nauseating! UGH


Harmonica Man said...

It's nice to see you writing. That must mean you're having a good day (so far).

I agree about Target. They must send out secret subliminal messages that draw you in against your will. Hey - maybe the big target symbol is actually a homing device!

deborah said...

That's great! Homing device - I'll bet that's what was pulling me there! Scary