Friday, October 06, 2006

The UPside of DOWN

Yeah, that's where I've been, down, down, going down. But I'm now on my way up. So I suppose this is the upside of down - hence the name of today's blog! Catchy, huh. This has been an eventful week for me, and for my family. So as not to get into too much gorey detail; I ended up in a little emergency surgery on Tuesday evening. of the girley kind. The anesthesia blasted, not triggered, but blasted me a new migraine, and I ended up staying overnight. My intention was to leave immediately following surgery. Didn't happen that way. I just don't do anything the easy way. Nothing is easy with me. Especially when it comes to my medical crap. Yeah, that is what I'm calling it; Crap!! Because, I'm plain old sick of it all. All of the CRAP my body has been dealing me. I've been trying to take it all in like a champ; but in reality, I'm beat. I haven't been beaten yet, but I am beat! I do wonder how much longer I can hold on, feeling like I'm slowly just going down a swirling hole of doom. Are the many myriad of meds, that are intended to help with my constant Migraine, causing the decline?? Kinda makes you go, HUH?? I mean, damn, I am on a LOT of drugs!! I can handle only one, yeah - ONE - abortive. Toradol. That's it. There is nothing else out there for me. I have one of those, oh so sensitive to all of the good stuff, kind of bodies. Maybe it really is time, to start the decline in the drug realm. Really. Bear with me here, my computer is about ready to die, it's probably from the Migraine Disease HAA HA!! I'm killing it, too! Poor Frank, he was a wreck this week. But he really did take like a champ. He usually does. He should be breaking down anytime now. I'm sure we have a wonderful reward waiting for us when we enter those Golden Streets. My kids, too. This is all too tiring on my family, Lord. The stress is so hard for them.
Ok, so now I'm reminded of a poem that I wrote, with of course, the Lord's help in June of 1997. These poems have been in a journal for many years, and I suppose this is as good a place as any to start with them. I wrote them for my children mostly. Funny, how they've actually been an inspiration to myself. The Lord does work in mysterious ways. I appologize, my computer is really acting up in the most crazy way!!! UGH What should be an easy way to write a poem, isn't happening for me today. Such is my luck. I'll try another way.
Anyway, I've spent too much tme jon this computer today. And I'm ired. I do hope you are all feeling well today. Ian, my friend, I do hope you have a much better weekend! It should get better before too long.

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