Friday, October 27, 2006


Ok, so tonight, at my son's school - elementary - they are hosting the "Family Halloween Dance!" All are excited. First, he was going to be the Red Power Ranger, then it was icky Spider Man, - been done already. So at breakfast a few days ago, he decided, that everyone is going to be a Power Ranger or Batman or Spidey, he wanted to be different. Good for you, Nick! As it is, I enjoy making costumes for my kids, rather than the store-bought, all-look-like-the-other-ghoulish-crappy-costumed-kid; I was proud of my son. So we were on a mission of thought, what could he be that no other kid in his class, OR the school would be tonight at the the dance? Well, I suggested that probably nobody would be a bowl of cereal - he just giggled. "How about a glass of juice? Or a container of juice? We could make it out of cardboard and even use pipe for a straw!" He didn't take me serious. Then I suggested, TOAST, and he was settled. "YEAH! That's what I want to be! Nobody else will be toast, MOM!" So for Halloween, my Nicholas will be the best dressed piece of cinamon toast at the Halloween Dance tonight. If. It. KILLS. ME!! It may. But he's worth it. I went into the grocery store a few nights ago, for a few items; he was in the van with Frank. I found the manager, and explained my situation, telling him I needed 2 large, flat pieces of cardboard - 1 for the front of him, and 1 for the back. This guy was totally jazzed! He came out with, what I saw as total toast for my son, and when Nick saw me come out of the store with it - he knew exactly what it was for. The smile on this childs face was just too incredible for words. Oh, I will sooo be adding the pics when I get them. I'm not digital yet, although Santa baby DOES have my wish list. { THAT is on the top, the middle and the bottom. (If I don't get my digital camera, I'm killing his damn reindeer!) I know where he lives. } Right, back to the other toast! I can't wait to see how it turns out, as I haven't exactly gotten to it yet. I'm not entirely worried about it, I mean, how hard can toast be? Well, I'll tell ya, as I had to go and make the stupid, I mean cute thing!! To answer THAT question - my former "3" migraine is now a raging 7, thank you very much freaking toast. But he will look adorable. Minus the back of the costume for right now. As I can't feel my lower extremities at the moment. Only the drummers drumming in my skull at the frontal lobes behind the balls staring at the colors in my monitor. Or are they colors in the new sparkles of aura I'm seeing? That's just great! Whatever. That would be from the leaning over for an hour and a half thing I just did. I suppose that is where the nausea fits in, too. Oh what a wonderful eventful life I do lead. Fun fun fun. I am still going to the dance. He asked me what I was going as. Take a wild guess. I am going as a MIGRAINE. Now wouldn't that just be hilarious. Ok, everyone send me your best pics of halloween migraine dressup!!!! The outsiders won't get it. We'll host our own party, see. I'll be "aura" of one kind or another, the many I see anyway. OOOOOH, I saw a weird one lastnight - (yeah try to stay with me here, the ramblings are just awful, I know, you should be INSIDE my head!!!!! HA) Anyway, driving along, and I come to an intersection, and it comes from the right, real fast from my peripheral vision, (which, by the way, I don't HAVE!) this rapid beam of light, I wasn't sure if it was a car coming real fast; like, I'm approaching the intersection now, stop, go, what do I do? So I slow down, waiting and watching for it, looking at the car that is stopped and I don't see anything, and then WHAM it hits me in the side of the head. And of course, Frank notices it, "What, you get hit?" "yep, weird, flash of light kind of thing I've never seen before." Oh, and it had sound, too. Like Zzzip. Not immediate with the pain, but maybe 15 seconds before. Ok, ok, back to the toast!!!!!!! Ugh, concentrate. Needing a Zofran right about NOW! I'm thinking, does he NEED the back piece or will he look like a sandwich??? Nah, he's toast, not a sandwich; otherwise, it's just overkill, and it'll be too heavy and I'll just look like an over-achiever. We don't want that! So what to use for a treat bag??? I'm thinking toaster! Too much, right. Maybe a recycled box of cereal? Or will that just look like we live out of the dumpster? Can't have that now can we! What will the PTO think? Like I care! Trust me, I can handle it.When he was Scooby Do, I gave him box and wrote "Scooby Snacks" on it, I'm not opposed to this kind of thing. Think DEB!!! Ok, Nap time. Promise to post pics later. My tummy feels icky, and my head is following. ciao

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