Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Monster Mash

It was a Graveyard Smash! Ahh ha hahahah. Whatever. If I only had a digital CAMERA!!!! Way too cute for words; oh can I just say, there were more Power Rangers than I have fingers and toes combined. And Spidey - yeah, lot's of him, too. I really don't understand why parents think it's "cute" to dress their kids as knife-weilding (is that correct??) maniacs in the crazy messed-up society that we live in; but there were more children dressed as villainous "Freddy Kruger's" than those dressed as say, Strawberry Shortcake, or Dopey or anything sweet, like this very yummy little guy I saw dressed like a piece oF CINAMMON TOAST!!! Oh, and he was the only ONLY piece of toast there. Awkward as it was to carry around, it was cute and admirable at best. He had a few that wanted to take a bite. Overall, a very fun night. A friend of Christina's was dressed as Marilyn Monroe - she looked great! There were a few of the Cheetah Girls on hand, none would sing, though. Lots of pirates - I'm sure because of the famous movie that came out this past summer. so many many cute little ghouls and boys. Two little girls from Nick's class came up to him, stopped dead in their tracks and said, in their sweetest of sweet voices, "Hi Nicholassssss!:)" Batting their eyelashes and all. He just gave his typical grump of a hello and ignored them. He's so not into litle girls. (and that is ok by me right now) He is only 5 YEARS OLD! But they were so cute. One of our favorites was the Phantom of the Opera - we love musicals here, and we can watch that one over and over again and again. The kids haven't seen it live yet, but if it ever comes here again, we're taking them! They love love LOVE the movie. And Nick loves the CD. This little guy even had a rose! (in costume. at the dance.) . . . . Anyway, I'm not sure if it's a blogger problem or a problem with MY computer, but I'm unable to make a break in paragraphs. I'm going to rely on things like this . . . . . . . . to do the trick. . . . . . . This morning in church, I had another strange episode. Along the lines of the twitching and muscle spasing kind of strange. I had a migraine nail me again lastnight, which is normal for me, being the daily kind of girl that I am. but I was doing ok this morning. Until I got in church. There is something about the auditorium that my brain chemistry is strictly against. My balance seems to go off, my pain level seems to go up; everything migraine in me seems to raise. I sat down, feeling ok, and my left thigh started the twitching. Then the pain from he back of my head, slowly making it's way to the front of my eye came on. The twitching was making the rounds to my spinal column, up my back, shaking me, out my arms, and finally got ahold of my head and slammed it into the back wall, where it let out a loud, "BOOM" for all to hear. That just added to the pain level. I had to get up to pee, and unfortunately, my gait, was unsteady at best. I looked like one of those beautiful show horses at the equestrian, prancing her way to the potty. But, show horse, I'm not. The uneven floor, not seeming to stop, nor the wall, and I'm trying to just concentrate on making my "steady" strides to the potty before I , a: fall, or b: pee on the spot! I can only imagine how I look, as I am 'walking' toward people, as I try not to fall into their laps, holding their chairs, or their arms as I brush by them. I'm not really concerned about their thoughts of me, I just smile, as I prance by, lifting my legs too high to just walk. But my gait is unsteady, and I know this. But I can't control it. . . . . My friend, Terri and I just laugh and joke that it's my payback for the times I tell Lexi to "step" when she doesn't need to, like on a yellow line, or at a ramp. And she will make a giant step like I do now. And our gaits look alike. Terri will say to me, "step, step" like I say to Lexi, and we'll crack up laughing. Someone that doesn't know that we can laugh at my , wow, this is the first time I've said this, DISABILITY, they just look at her in a mean way, not understanding why WE are laughing. Why shouldn't we laugh? Should we be upset? We've already been there. We've already cried about the losses. It's time now to be thankful for what is here NOW. Or when Frank and I laugh at my spasing and stuttering at the words I cn't get out. We do laugh. Sometimes it is very frustrating, yes. But mostly, we have to laugh, because we have much more to be thankful for. I am thankful that I have spent more time home than in the hospital this past year. I couldn't say that last year. Last year, there were many more tears. This year, there are more smiles. There are a lot of migraines, a lot of muscle twitches, and stuttering, and ugliness; but I have much to be greatful for - I have my family. My husband, my 4 beautiful, wonderful children, 2 great and beautiful step-children, and a gorgeous step-grand daughter! I have a sister and her husband and 2 kids and wacko dog, who are always here for me! I have wonderful, wonderful friends. I have my Lord and Savior!!! I have so much more to be happy for, than to be miserable for. My father used to tell me, "Misery loves company," he was right, I don't need that kind of company. Neither do you. Wishing you all pain-free days. Deborah

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