Tuesday, October 31, 2006

getting my ghouls ready

I'm getting my little ghouls ready for their big event. A night on the howl. The little "Toast Man" is properly buttered and ready. He even found himself a proper little prop for his treats; a makeshift toaster. He thought it up himself - I'm so proud of him. I just need to cover it with foil to give it the special effect. He is so excited!

Christina -a/k/a The Cat Mawler, is going to be a Wealthy Woman. Complete with my retro Jackie-O coat, and with the help of Miss Amy, AGAIN, and her ball gown, she'll be dressed to the nines. Thank you, Amy, very much.

Then we have Marisa, my Cinderisa, she is a Hula girl. Although she isn't going to be going door-to-door, she is handing out candy. Why not dress up? She looks beautiful. Grass skirt, garland, NO, there are no coconut bras with this enterage! She has a t-shirt. From my Grandma, that simply says, "Beach Bum" and I forgot to mention that Christina will be donning Grandma's bling-bling also. When Gram died, I inherited all of her jewelry. It is all so very very wonderful to my girls and I. It is only of sentimental worth, and nothing monetary. But we love it. Marisa wears a piece to school on a daily basis. She remembers my Grandma, and this is probably the reason she still wears it. I am just greatful she does.

Then we have the beloved Idiot, I mean, Rocco; the dog, he is going to be Shrek. Yes, he gets to Trick-or-Treating. But only for a little while. I'm not really sure how long he can behave. I just can't wait to get the pics on here! We are thinking of painting his nails green, as we can't really do too much with his fur, well, what he has of fur. I don't want HIM green, so I think the nails will suffice.

The cats: I had thought about "Puss-in-Boots" from the movie, but I was stuck on which cat for the job, I don't have the actual boots for the job, I do have a cape, though. Do we really NEED to dress the cats??

Now, do I have a costume? NO. I do not have a costume. I usually do dress for it with the kids, but I haven't really thought that far into it this year. I mean, the toast thing threw me. Only this morning, I was actually thinking of better ways I could have made the costume - naturally. Isn't that always the way. Hindsight, I just hate hindsight. I also right now, hate the fact that tomorrow is November. Sounds so cold. Ok, done with the hating. Look, I figured out the paragraph thing.

I have also figured out, I think, that is, how to get my comments posted on my blog. I think I am totally inept in the computer age. While I am desperately trying to learn, I am losing vast capabilities of my brain matter, losing bits and pieces of information as it's coming in - it's quickly just going out, just. like. that! POOF! Gone. Do I continue to try to learn? duh, yeah. I mean, why not, right. The challenge is, if anything, what - challenging!!!!!!! It has to do something, right.

This is funny: When talking with my doctor just a few days ago, I'm thinking I can just, you know, get off of some of the many drugs I'm taking - I don't know, call me crazy! One of them, Namenda, is used for folks, mostly those who are in moderate to severe stages of Alzheimer. Ok, I'm NOT in that category, just for the record. That's not to say, I haven't been there if you know what I mean. hey, anyone with Migraine knows exactly what I'm talking about. However, it is also used for us with chronic and severe Migraine, and it seems to work well. But, me, well, I'm thinking, lets get off, or at the very least down on some meds. The PA had suggested the Namenda. I agreed. But my doctor, in whom I trust, disagreed. Ok, no problem. Here is the funny part - later that evening, at Terri's house, mid-sentence, I just up and forget whatever I was trying to say to her! Just like that! And she says, "And you still think the Namenda was a good choice to go off of?" Point well taken! To which we of course laughed. You've gotta have friends.
Honest friends are best. Especially if you can handle it. Superficial friends are not really friends at all. they are just there for looks. Who needs that? Right now, I need to go finish a toaster. Please have a safe evening.

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