Monday, October 09, 2006

Never-ending Saga, Me the Drama Queen

We have a few Drama Queens in our family. Cinderisa used to be a real queen of the drama when she was little; with her constant whining and crying. Now, she merely just sasses. Which isn't what I prefer, mind you. I hate it, it's disrespectful, to say the least, but it beats the former conundrum of tears that used to flow on a constant basis. Then we have our little Cat Mawler with her ever rolling eyeballs and mood swings. SHE has got some drama going on, all. Over. THe. PLACE!! Especially, you, know - once a month. (sorry boys!) One month she's moody; up and down, mean then nice as pie. The next month, she cries at the commercials, or if you look at her the wrong way. She's like a hysterical menopausal 50 year old, for crying out loud. (note to self, she needs to go live with Aunt Terri those TIMES OF THE MONTH!!!) My computer is dying, bear with the fact that I am not allowed to cut into a new paragraph, so my blogs are going to be complete runonsfromhereonuntilsomeonesendsme lots of MONEY OR A NEW COMPUTER!!!! So if you like my blog!! Just saying: hey, I've seen other people advertise that kind of stuff; "send me money, my house payment is overdue." So I'm just saying, if you are relying on my weirdo sense of humor, have an extra keyboard and box to boot up laying around, I'm happily accepting. No joke, man! I'm not too proud to tell ya that. New paragraph; Ok, crappo week number 2 is starting out like this; no potty mouth, just CRAP!!! Migraine all day yesterday. All night. AND, good morning Migraine, you freak, will you EVER leave me alone??? Yeah, I know the answer to that! NO, FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING, WHAT, LOVELY!!!! NO - THEY WILL NEVER LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Got it already. Talk about your mood swings, huh. A week ago yesterday, I ended up in emergency surgery, D&C. For the faint of heart, scroll down to, I don't know, somewhere else. Ok, I'm a bloody, clotting freaking mess last week; for 4 freaking days straight! I go to the docs office on Monday, and of course, it lets up as I get there. Naturally. I feel like an idiot, Migrainely and moody as all get out. Frank has had to leave work, as I cannot drive because; well not only am I dizzy, there is confusion added in - you know, the red light/ green light kind of confusion thing. And I'm seeing things that aren't there, not hallucinations, just my wonderful aura of the worst kind. I'd had them all night long. Swirling like pinwheels on a pegboard in beautiful colors with strange zippity doodah sounds. The pinprick in the left ear. Yeah, it's all there for my , aha, "enjoyment!" Yeah, so I make poor Frank leave work, in a panic. And the clots, big as golf balls, blowing out my super plus tampons (hey, you were freaking warned) and now my suuper duper plus mattress pads, are now almost nada, nothing - because I am walking into the doctor's office. They say this is normal. I am anything BUT normal. Ask any doctor or resident who has seen me, they all know!! So the fun, and I mean the really fun part was the sonogram - talk about invasive - key word being INvasive. oh yeah, internal. When you've had 4 children, modesty is pretty much out the door, although, this was, in a nutshell, rather embarrassing. But the tests came back normal. Thankfully. No cysts or fibroids or any weird little people inside. Hey, we're both sterile, so I'm not expecting to be expecting - know what I mean!!! So I was sent home, told to rest. Not allowed to take certain hormone and other meds because of famous Migraine Disease. So just rest. OK. Tuesday morning comes and Nick and I are doing our typical morning routine, and it starts again - only much much heavier. I went thru everything again! So I call Frank. again. He says, call the doctor back. Something is NOT right. no kidding. Meanwhile, I am blowing clots (just keep scrolling) big clots, and they are pushing these huge freaking tampons OUT, and now I am bleeding like I've never bled before. Literally. So I ended up in surgery. Messy surgery. It was supposed to stop, but guess what?? It sarted again THIS MORNING!!! So at 10:30 I was back at the gyn, and now I'm "giving it until Wed to see if it's just necrotic tissue leaving your body." And if not, I'm back in the OR!! OH, and it has pushed my Migraines to an all new level. Not to mention the nausea and all of the fun that goes with that!!! Talk about drama! I'm sick of drama. Today, it's 75 outside, and I feel like absolute caka. I don't even know how to spell that, but you get my drift. Know what, I'm going to go sit outside and paint my stinking toenails anyway. So there. I hope someone feels beter than I do. And if by any remote chance, someone with an extra wonderful computer wants to make a donation, hey, let me know -K! Take care. Deborah

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