Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Nourishing Meme

A few days ago, I was asked to participate in a meme called, Nourishing Meme with what one would think were five simple questions. When you're dealing with a chronic disease, such as Migraine Disease, nothing, and I mean, NOTHING, comes easy. Let me illustrate for you just a few examples before this wonderful meme, things that should be relatively easy in a mother's life:

Let's say for example birth dates. I can remember all but one of my children's birth dates, to ramble off of the top of my head. Child number three, of four, simply comes to a stumbling blank. It's not that I love her any less, it's just a slip of memory. I'm told it's part of the Disease. OK. Not really, OK. Not when you're THE MOM, it's rather embarrassing. Be at the doctor's office when asked the d-o-b and go blank. Having to explain myself is like this - "I have a little brain injury." Then I just smile, and search inside my head for her d-o-b, she gives it for me and we both just giggle it off . Later, I actually could care less what anyone thinks. It's MY memory problem, she knows it's not personal, and that's really all that matters. But it hurts ME that I can't remember my daughter's birth date.

Confusion: This one is a very big dilemma for me. Red light/ green light. I won't drive when I get to this point, as it is dangerous for everyone concerned. I come to a stop light, it turns green, what do I do?? Go, stay?? What do I DO??? Yeah, go home, get out of the car, don't drive.

Confusion: Do you want ginger ale or juice? These are very simple questions, but when you are in a confused state, in the middle of a Migraine, NOTHING, is simple. The choice MUST be made for me, as I CANNOT, repeat, CANNOT make it for myself. I am unable. In the literal form. To those who have never experienced confusion, my but how you are blessed beyond, you should be thankful. Confusion is a terrible, controlling, and terrifying state to be in. It is all-encompassing and consuming. And to be commanded to "MAKE a decision!" That is simply misunderstood. It can be related like this - "Raising a teenager is like trying to nail jello-o to a tree." Get my point? Just as you cannot NAIL jello-o to a tree, you cannot make a decision when you cannot decide. DUH~! The brain just doesn't allow for it. It has simply put, gone haywire at that point.

Ok, so I'm going to get to this Meme. Abigail from Abimigraines.blogspot.com asked me to participate in these five questions. I'm now asking you to participate. It's not as easy as one may think, really.

The Nourishing Meme
1. What is the most nourshing thing you frequently do for yourself?
My most nourishing thing: wonderful smelling body sprays and lotions from Victoria's Secret. My favorites are Amber Romance and Barely Naked. I absolutely will not leave my shower without first applying these immediately afterward. First my body spray, then lotion, then perfume. Layering goes a long way. The scents are light and clean, and unlike other scents, these do not aggravate my Migraines. They also keep my skin moisturized all year long; soft and supple. I have baby-soft skin. My little boy sniffs me, and I love that! He always tells me how much he loves the way I smell. My husband, too appreciates my skin, and always, always tells me both how beautiful I am and how wonderful my skin is. He even tells me how beautiful I am when I'm NOT-I love that about him. When I've been on IV's of high dose steroids, that have wreaked havok on my skin, and I was an absolute mess about it, he still told me everyday, EVERYDAY that I was beautiful. Skin care is essential. Not only your body, but your face. At 40, I look pretty good.
2. For your health, what will you never compromise on?
Medical Care! Without a doubt, I will say my team of care is essential to my well-being. If it wasn't for my current team of doctor's, I don't believe I'd be doing as well as I am right now. I understand, there is currently no cure for MD, and that generally sucks, but, I do feel better as a whole, than I did a year ago. I was in and out of the hospital every 4-6 weeks last year, that was just dreadful. My last hospital visit was in July this year, before that, May. And though I know it may happen again, it's not happening as often, and I'm feeling better.
If I am unhappy with care I receive, I question hard whether or not they have my best interests in mind, are competent, and do they generally care? If they cannot meet these basic guidlines, in my book, they have failed rule 1.
If they are in it for the money, paying off their college tuition, and looking for the American dream; they lost the big picture a long time ago. No need to go any further really.

3. Where do you get most of your health information?
Mostly Magnum, books, and the sites on the left.
4. What single whole food or supplement has turned your health around?
This is by far the hardest question I've had to answer. Since taking in both CoQ10 and Butterbur, I think they would be the answer. I had stopped taking them for a few weeks, and noticed a difference. Rather than chooosing one, I've decided to say both. And add in water, with the B vitamins I drink. It's a drink, like Propel that is offered by Wegmans. It's both flavorful, and non-caloric. So there are three, thus making it very hard. Like I said, decisions are not easy with me.
5. What is your favorite natural therapy?
That would be Grey's Anatomy. KIDDING! Ok, so I'm a couch potato. I like to walk my dog, but that's not always possible. I'm also a little OCD, does that count?? Wow, I guess this is the hardest. HMM natural therapy - pressure here.......wow, Abigail you got me. I love to scrapbook. Right now, my dog is howling because he is outside by himself, and I'm daydreaming of kicking him in the head with Nick's new Marine boots. (Not at all Ceasar-like, I know) just a dream. Hey, that's therapeutic. I'm indecisive at the moment. Now it's your turn.
This really wasn't as easy as it seemed. It took me days to answer. Sorry Abigail. I need to go "address" my beast. OH, look a rock. KIDDING. He has a prong collar, I like to use that. I'm not mean. I just like to pretend. I want hate mail.
So hurry do the meme. Have fun.


terri said...

love your post. i don't suffer the same depth of problems that you do, but i can relate to the general issues, the inability to function normally. it is great that you have found many lovely things to make you happy, when you are able to enjoy them!

James said...

Thanks for the eloquent paragraph on making decisions - ginger ale or juice? I can relate perfectly, and I've never heard it put so well before. That's something that deserves further conversation.