Saturday, September 02, 2006

He made it!

Thankfully, Philip made it home. He was stuck in NYC for most of yesterday in an airport due to Ernesto. But he's home. I came down this morning, and there he was, sprawled out on the couch. He didn't sleep in his own bed, I'm not sure why, and I don't care, I'm just so glad he made it home. He looks great. He says he's going to lose a lot of weight and get skinny while he's in Iraq. I guess I'm just in some sort of denial phase, not wanting to think about him being there. I mean, I know he's going, has to go, made a decision to join and I'm proud of him for that. It's the idea of not being able to just pick up the phone to call and hear his voice. Knowing that he's in a land that Hates Americans, and live to die for their Allah. Those are the thoughts I push back, and I push hard the fact that he goes along with it.

I got all of Nick's things together this morning to pack; he's going with them, Phil, Frank and the girls - they will all be going to NC to bring him to his deployment. I can't go. Mostly I blame my illness and inability to travel. But in truth, I hate to say "good-bye" to him. I just can't bring myself to even imagining being there, and leaving him. I literally cannot process the thought.

I wonder what is going through his mind at a time like this. Of course, they've prepared him, in some government brain-washing methodology I'm sure. But deep down, what are they all thinking?? I don't think I really want to know.

So tomorrow, 6am, they leave - AND I GET THE HOUSE TO MYSELF!!!!!! Home alone! YIPEE!! Hopefully, if I can kick the migraine that's been ruling my world for the past week, I will be cleaning and scrapbooking. Maybe a glass of wine, or 2 or 3!!!! GO AWAY MIGRAINE! I may even hit the Fair on Monday, who knows? By myself, even. Some alone time is a great thing for a girl. And I love it. Call me strange, but I do love some quality alone time once in a great while.

I feel for my Frankie though. I know his heart is going to be breaking when he has to turn his back on Philip, and drive away, the long trip home. Good thing he'll have those LOUD kids of mine to keep him company!!!!!!!! I just hope they don't fight. I pray they get there and home safe. (Boy I wish Allie was home this weekend) . We were all talking about how much we miss her, how sweet she is, her phone calls and visits. Such a personable young woman.

Time to get some much needed supplies for the trip. As always, I wish for all a pain-free weeknd


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