Saturday, September 09, 2006

Back home, to school, just plain life

This has certainly been one crazy week! And I'm so glad it's over. looking back, I can hardly believe it all took place in one simple little week. My family came home, minus one - Philip, on Tuesday. I was so happy when they finally pulled in. They were thrilled to be home. My littlest traveller had been awake the entire trip, since 4am, no nap, no stop of the chatter, he just keeps going and going. Honestly, where do little boys get so much energy?? His favorite paart of the trip was by far, the guns! Seeing the other Marines, playing on the beach, that was ok, but the guns were too cool for him. Tuesday he wanted to be a Police Officer. Not even a Marine after all of that, but a Police Officer. his words, by the way.

The girls did nothing but bicker the whole way there and back. What is it about those girls? But they enjoyed themselves, nontheless. With only a few hours of catch-up and it was ready for bed and school, as Wednesday was the first day. Busy busy busy.

The entire time, I had been battling ice pick after ice pick, from the right then to the left side. No problem, I knew of my nerve block coming on Thursday, just hang on, Deb.

I did get pics of the girls before they got on the bus, but because Cinderisa was in her usual rush to beat the bus, she didn't want her pic taken, and refused to smile. I'm still going to post it when I get it back. I'm not yet digital. Emphasis on YET. My CatMawler, well, she had to change her pants (new) because her little thighs decided to add some weight before the first day, which made her mad. She did have that outfit picked out for a week now. From the earrings to the "whites", and now, she has to change!!! Whatever! So, needless to say, there was no smile from her either. Only grunts and eye-rolling. Can't WAIT to scrap these pics.

But I know I got some great pics of my new Kindergartner. I still can't believe my baby is in k'garten. He is such a little ham. He loves to get his picture taken, and he is a little pro at posing. When the bus finally came, they had to teach him to look both ways BEFORE he was allowed to get on the bus, this wasn't going over so well. This kid was just anxious for the ride, his little buddy, AJ, was saving him a seat and everything, but he was great. And when he came home, he looks both ways before getting off, and then he runs with the most incredible smile. He is growing up. He was so impressed with the school principal, that by Friday, he wanted to be a Principal. I'll need to let Mr. L. know this. He's not taking to the whole structure thing so well, he wants to investigate and explore the room, but the teacher wants things done her way, which implies some sort of meanness in his eyes. He's forgotten how to write his name suddenly, too. Funny, we've been practicing this all summer, I'm sure it's nerves, I know he won't go to college without knowing how to write his name and tie his shoes. In a way, it's sort of cute. I really thought he would cry on his first day, having to get on the bus, but he's really loving it.

On the same day, Frank started painting. in. the. house. I'm grateful, it came out beautiful, but at the time, I was a nervous wreck. I was in a state where I couldn't do anything, but lay, in agony, holding my stinking head, for fear of implosion. Now, Frank isn't the typical "man-of-the-house" and that's ok. I love that quality about him. He's not afraid to admit it. He's not afraid of my abilities above his. He has no problem calling someone to come and do mundane household duties, where I like to tackle them myself. Painting, is something I love to do, for me it's very calming. However, it's not something I've been able to do in the last few years because of the demon that has taken over my nervous system. But my Frankie decided that he wanted to do this - for me, his Queen bee, as he calls me. A very sweet gesture, I know. But he was totally stressed out during the whole ordeal. And he was doing a great job of it. He did our upstairs hallway and 1/2, which has 5 doors, back-breaker. The cutting in had him cussing up a storm. But it really looks beautiful. Then the living room came, this was where I started to stress. He didn't want to put down any tarp, on furniture, which freaked me out, and I made sure that changed. But on the hardwoods?????? Well, we're getting them resurfaced in a few weeks. But again, he surprised me, and did a truly wonderful job! I am actually going to hire him to do a few more rooms. We're going to have someone else come and do ceilings, because, well, screw that, who wants to do that?! Now he has the lower hallway which has only 4 doors, so that won't be so bad. He's a pretty good painter afterall. Even if it did stress us both out, he did a fantastic job and I'm proud of him. he did something he hates to do. Oh, and he was on vacation! And because I was sick, he was juggling the kids, too. As well as me on Thursday.

I had a terrible experience after the block; I had a bad night before that, weird scary auras, and I woke myself up talking in my sleep, the little I did get. The migraine was at a 9 when I got to the surgery center. My BP refused to stablize and I could feel myself sort of coming in and going out. And my head was unbelievably raging a 10. It was one of those days where you just want someone to pull the plug from you, make it all go away. Yeah, that kind of bad. I imagine the paint smell was adding to the fuel, but this one was hanging on for about 2 weeks. Just giving me one hell of a time. Here's hoping the block helps. I'm feeling better than I did, not quite myself yet, whoever she is. I don't really know anymore. I'm somewhere between feeling really lowsey, and just ok. Always. I'm getting picked a little, not the sharp, burning stab I was getting, so that's a good thing. I'm beginning to see and accept that there probably is no real end in sight; only some good days in between the really bad ones. I'll take them when I get them, live them to the fullest.

My Uncle came in from Florida, and visited me on Thursday, the day of the block. It was great to see him, and I may see him again today at a picnic with some other family I haven't seen in a long time. It appears that his son also has migraines. It is just running through both sides of my family - guess I just got the mother load. Unfortunately for my kids, it's on their Dad's side, as well. Thankfully, we're further ahead of the game now, than when I was their age. For I've been suffering a long time. Not like the ones I get now and as often, but they were there just the same. Always there.

Frank and I took Lexi to dinner lastnight - what a trip!!! Her new saying, "No Way!" She had me cracking up, she is such a beautiful young lady. It blows me away that she is going to be 18 next month. I just realized that I'm going to need to change her from pediatrician to gp. I just can't imagine that. Because she will always be a child, of course, mentally. I guess I'll just have to talk to her ped and find out at what age he'll be willing to let her go. 18.

Well, Philip is officially on his first tour. And he is ready. We are proud. Proud of his decision to stand for our country. Proud of him for making something of himself and not wasting his life. He watched his friends make bad decisions and he was afraid he would fall into the same path, he chose a better one -- for that we are proud of him. Now all we can do, is pray for his safety and wait to see him come home. I'm making that trip! We can write him through something called, "Motomail" but he can't respond, that's ok. It will give us a piece of him in a small weird way. We'll take what we can for now, and wait for the rest later. The holidays, I'm sure are going to be hard on Frank, but we'll get him through. Maybe he'll be able to call.

Hoping all a pain-free weekend

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