Friday, May 30, 2008

Your Tax $$ Hard at Work

And it just happens to be our Philip in action and his company. Frank was lucky enough to find these pics over the internet lastnight, and I'm just not going any further with information. But we have some pics of our Philip and his brothers at work. Our stomachs and smiles are - how can I even explain right now??????
Whatever your stand right now, or mine, having a loved one so far, far away, and knowing that for a fleeting moment that he is - exhaling - safe, is just so refreshing.
We pray daily, nightly for his safety, and for his safe return. To see him, I just can't give details. To see the others he works with that we've talked to, that Frank has met, that I have met; it is like seeing your own flesh.
Please say a prayer for these men and women today. Did I mention, when he called two weeks ago, the temp there, 130 degrees!!!
Wishing you a pain-free weekend.

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