Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Blogging Blondism

Sometimes I am just amazed at the things this beautiful child utters. Let's take yesterday, for instance.
Her: I'm praying I don't get my period for Virginia Beach this year.
(a little side-note, we ARE going to take our vacation this year and go. on. vacation. TO our condo on Virginia Beach. NO MATTER WHAT!)
Me: Well, that's a pretty good thing to pray about. It would suck to have your period on vacation.
Her: Did you ever have your period there?
Me: Um, yeah, the first year we went down; it sucked. It was hot!
Her: (note the blondism) Well, at least you get to use a CONDOM when you have yours.
Now, up until this point the two of us were making dinner; I walked away from her, to the deck where Frank was cooking the chicken and repeated, word-for-word, the conversation we had just had.
This child is our High Honor Roll student and will be in 10th grade math next year. She will be entering the 8th grade. Amazing wonderment, don't you agree. Kind of like an oxymoron in a way.
Frank keeps asking her if she's cheating at school. When she came down the stairs this morning; she told me she had a dream that she had a such bad grades that she was a Toilet Plunger as a job role. Would that be Plungerer??? I'll ask her.
My life is getting more and more interesting every day. We have a former 80's Rock n Roller living next door to us. No kidding. Matter of fact, his band was so hot in Europe, he's "famous" there to this day. Very nice guy. This world is just getting so small.
Funny, his girlfriend keeps blurting out at him, "Big Hair 80's Rocker!" and it's funny. She is a riot. And she is a wardrobe changer and personal assistant to the spoiled. Very interesting stories abounding in my backyard deck area.
Oh, I failed to mention; he was the drummer, which makes Cinderisa very tickled. Nick just gets a kick out of him because he's sweet, funny and throws a football with him. And he made Frank run, which he's never seen.
gotta go now, Frank is fully retired and HOME. every. day. of my life now. sucking my energy. calling my name. so, I am going to back to school.


Sornie said...

If she ends up being a plunger of toilets, encourage her to be the best at what she does!

Jeff said...

Well, that just doesn't make any sense... she can certainly use the condo if she has her period. You're ALL going to use the condo.

Huh? That's not what she said?

Ok, seriously... what was she trying to say? And why are you the only one who gets to use it?

deborah said...

Sornie; you are absolutely right.

Jeff; she meant "tampon" not condom. Try reading that part again. You'll get it this time. I guess I should've made it a little more clear, sorry.