Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fooled Again


I should've known...but no, ignorance got the better of me. That would be ignoring the little factors that came into play; the worms that woke up with me, swirling in my vision. Swirl. Swirl. swirl. The dizzy way I tumbled to the potty, tripping over my own feet. Realistically, this is something I've become accustomed to over my life, trip, dance in the not so traditional way mind you, but get there. Grace, was the name I took as a child for well, obvious reasons.

There was this stupid point in the day when (it was OF COURSE, raining), I said to Frank, "I'm surprised I haven't gotten nailed yet today with a migraine." And that is where I should have just pulled up my leg and inserted my foot, shoe and all, into my mouth. Up to that point, I'd had an enormous amount of energy, hmm, yeah I know another hint, ignored.

We had been running from one store to another; and let me just take a big leap back here, the weather on let me see, today is Thursday so that makes the day prior to .... ok Tuesday had been sunny and dry, just to set the record straight for ya'll. And then the typical wet and cold crapola weather we have here IN MARCH OR APRIL!!! came. yesterday. it's still here. it is the end of freaking MAY. This whole "Global Warming" crap. It's crap. Don't buy it. Seriously, research some documentation in real history. another day. sorry.

oh my brain is sooooo not functioning where am I?? So, weather changes. aura. big store with the lighting that sets me OFF. And another store, and another store. And more running and more running, in Frank's car; not my van, which is higher up off the road making it easier for my tummy to adapt to the road noises and feelings. riiiiight. Now, I'm nauseaous and having the pinging in my ear, I'm car-sick, the lighting in Best Buy, Staples and Wegmans has totally killed me. Lest we forget the weather that has been dumped upon us. I feel as though I am slowly fading out and the need to puke my guts out is coming on strong. Thankfully, I have my trusty Zofran with me. Down 8mg with a Coke, which I had because of the sudden exhaustion I had come on in Staples.

Get me home get me home get me home. I need my bed, my pj's my dark curtains drawn tight. oh and my Toradol. Here comes the spike through my skull. The monster starts to eat it's way out through my eye; I can feel the heat, burning and pulsating my eyeball, while the spike is stabbing and stabbing and stabbing my skull. The screaching of the train is so loud in my ear it hurts; piercing and poking it's way through a tunnel, louder and louder, stronger and longer.

Frank is saying something, I can barely understand him through the sounds the monster is making. Now the blinking light is making sound; a screaching shrill, like glass screaming it's way on a chalkboard. What does it want? Why does it come so fast and furious? Will it leave the same way? I am so cold. My fingers, my nose. so very, very cold.

Home. finally. get to the bedroom. oh, my pajamas. my bed. I'm so exhausted. draw my curtains. make it go away. Lord, make it go...


Emily said...

oh, deb, i'm sorry! the weather's got me, too. i'm riding it out with you.

Jeff said...

Yikes! Your description is so vivid I think you may have given me a migraine.

I'm kidding of course, but I am serious in that you do a very good job of conveying how horrible it is for you. I just don't get why it's so impossible for medical science to help you.


Yes, My Name Is Really Brooklynn said...

I'm sorry to hear does lull you into a comfort and hope, doesn't it. I hope you feel better and the migraine hangover is short.