Friday, August 17, 2007

We're All In This Together

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The day has finally come! The tweens, pre-tweens, teens and even my six year old have anxiously been awaiting this day. The day that Troy, our handsome basketball captain; and the brainy and beautiful Gabriella will bring their flashy styles back to our TV.

What am I doing about it? I'm hosting a party of course! A High School Musical Party, in honor of the movie. Hey, things could be worse; my kids could be into sicko movies like Friday the 13th and the like. But they're not.

When I first came to the idea of this party, I mentioned it to my 12 year old; who naturally, being very embarrassed of my life in the universe at all, shot it down like I was serving liver and onions for breakfast! "That's stupid! I don't want a party for THAT!!" she said, so sweetly.

"No problem, I'll have Marisa invite her friends because they will LOVE the idea!" I told her, and I was right. Marisa jumped on it - "Oh, can I invite Emily, she loves HSM, that will be so much fun!"

Not only did I let Emily in on the party, but I secretly invited some neighbors, well, they happen to be Christina's, a/k/a the 12 year old's, best friend. and her sister. and mom and dad. But the girls are in the dark about it. I can't wait to see her reaction!

So while the kids are singing and dancing and carrying on; the adults will be hanging out on the deck, listening to them having fun. No doubt, getting those silly songs stuck in our head, yet again. Call it the last Hurrah. The party to end the summer for them. Oh, and yes, even Nicholas has a friend coming for the party.

Kids love this movie! Of all ages, too. I loved it; and I'm thrilled that my kids will still sit and watch shows like, 7th Heaven and love movies like Little Women. It's just sad that they are becomming the minority on TV; the wholesome, Godly shows, that is.

Well, I'm off to shop for our little party; put the video on to get them ready for it. Sing the songs from the last soundtrack. Are you singing the song in your head yet??

"We're all in this together......."

Have a beautiful weekend.


Joanna said...

how cute! what a nice mom you are!

p.s. Mmm, liver and onions for breakfast ;-)

Jeff said...

Hey - my daughter is over at her friend's house at a HSM2 party right now too. I had no idea this was such a big deal.

deborah said...

Jeff - get your head out of the sand! Where have you been??

yeah, liver and onions - yummo!

as a result, the party was great, even though we ended up getting rained on, actually poured on. the kids had a riot. Unfortunately for me, The monster got ahold of my head and bit hard.

At least we survived the party. I liked the first movie better.