Friday, August 03, 2007

In My Garden

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to play in the garden; with flowers and vines and dirt (although I wear garden gloves). It has been a great passion of mine for years. However, in the past 5 or so years that have greatly changed my life, ahem, from the Migraine demon, gardening was a thing of the past for me.

I don't tolerate the heat well, actually at all! I have trouble with the bending over part of gardening, my head, not my back. It's the dizzying, getting myself to my steady or unsteady feet that I can't quite get over. This year, I have been trying my hand at it, very slowly. Well, I did some last year, too; but this year, I'm actually getting my feet wet. And dirty. It's very slow-going for me; but I'm learning patience as I go.
This was actually just a flook! I had a white pumpkin in the garden; for decorating purposes, and it threw up. Left it's seeds and now I have a beautiful vine of white pumpkins starting. Today is August 3rd.
Frank hates that they are in my front yard, but I love them! I also have a little gourd patch behind them that haven't started to blossom. Yet.
This is just another pumpkin climbing over my Hosta. Cute isn't it!
This is just Rocco looking out the window, jealous that he's NOT outside. It's 90 outside.
Marisa took these two pictures.
This concludes my garden for today. It's hot and my head hurts, but my garden is pretty and growing things again. Oh, and it's desperate for water!

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ErinM said...

I LOVE the pumpkins! You just don't see those in gardens very often.