Sunday, August 12, 2007


On Friday night, Nicholas was in his very first recital. Ever. AND. I MADE him go up on stage. This is him chewing his bling-bling while everyone else is dancing and singing. I actually have it on video, too, which is much better. If I can figure out HOW to get it on here, I just might. I can't wait for him to see it.

He was more than reluctant about getting up there; and I believe they sang maybe 3 songs while he stood there just chewing away all nervous-like. On the last song, though, we saw him tap his foot a few times.

My favorite; was the drum part, which he does very well at home. His father is a drummer, and he and his step-Mom came to watch. His sister, Marisa is a drummer. She had been giving him some pointers all week, little lessons at home. We were jazzed about watching him get up and play his little man drum. But the poor little guy was terrified. He just demanded, literally, that he didn't want to do it.

I did feel for him, but I'm not going to let him just walk away from a responsibility like this. His little drum line was counting on his rythm. He needed to keep the beat for them. And as the instructor said, he was the one who was keeping everyone in time. So..........

As reluctant as he was, he did eventually do it. He was scared. His Dad told him that he, too, gets stage fright before he plays out in front of people; but he has to do it. Frank bribed him with a candy snake. I simply just told him that it was going to be OK, and that he could have cupcakes afterwards. Because, hey, what little boy doesn't want cupcakes?? Big smile there!!

"There's cupcakes??" he chimes in, with that winning grin of his; knowing there are sweets to be had.

He is very small, compared to the other little guys, but that is him in there, playing his little bongo, keeping rythm and time. He did great!

And he had two cupcakes!

These are two dogs I met yesterday at a friend's beach house. I really miss my Shepard; all the goofy, neurotic antics about him, I clearly saw in her yesterday. She is so beautiful. Yes, I was with a good friend, celebrating her son's graduation. I can't believe it still, her oldest, a junior in
college already. But all I took were pictures of the dogs. I also met another dog, Lucy, who was wonderful. But I sadly never got her picture. Maybe next time.

It's hard to believe that summer is already nearing it's close here. Although my kids won't go back to school until after Labor Day, it still seems too close. I love the summertime with my kids home. I always have.

And we haven't really been able to do our vacation this year, or much of anything really, by their standards. We've been home, and it's actually been nice and relaxing.

This year, Nicholas will go to the First grade, a full day. I will have, for the first time, all of my kids in school. It's a scary feeling for me. I'm used to having them near me. By then, Frank should be ready to return to work; if there is a job left, that is.

Huh, with the new merger underway, and new ownership; everything so hush-hush, it's not reassuring what is happening. And naturally, everyone wants to know. Sadly, nobody seems to know anything. Well, that's what they tell us. That is what our economy and our "new American way" has brought us. Sad.

Oh, I have a great new find from Friday! I need to get a pic of it for you all. It's going to go over my ugly marble wall, rather ON the wall, over the fireplace. I'd been holding out for a nice old piece of barn, as in literal barn rafter, but I just haven't come across any yet. Until then, this is what I have:

I know the picture isn't that good, but it was a great find for only $3!! It's 6 feet long, and I can't wait to get started on it. And my little table. Still need to find my prize glass knob.

Good bye for now.

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Jeff said...

Kiddie stagefright is so cute. I, of course, was a big ham - which did nothing but get me in trouble for being a class clown, showoff and "distraction" to the rest of the class. So consider yourself lucky you have a shy one.