Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Shopping with a loaded Marine

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Today was another adventure I like to send Frank out on. Buuut, since he's out making the $$ for the family; it has come to my attention that it's my job to take the kids; dare I say - school shopping. for. clothes. (This is where I now drop my head very hard thankyouverymuch to the desk, which is the old teacher metal laminated kind and very very hard kind.) Wait, no pity coming from ANYONE?????

Here's the thing; I HATE to shop! I don't mind going to the grocery store, or the Home Depot; but to the mall or any type of clothing for myself or the kids - I'm the one kicking and screaming. Seriously, I'd rather go visit my dentist. No joke! I hate hate HATE to shop. I can't really express it much more than that.

AND, I did it yesterday. with. Ms. Melodrama - Christina. It was, thankfully, a very short trip to the mall. We hit one store, she picked up, I think 2 shirts, 2 hoodies; I got a pair of dress pants and a nice shirt. Why not, right? We were done in under 2 hours.

Not today! No no, not happening today. Our first mission was really the Home Depot. Which we did in an hour. Shopped out 2 different patio doors, one storm door, qt of paint, sand paper and 3 candy bars. Cha-ching! Off to the mall we go.....

What does a six year old do while shopping with Mom and teen sister? What else? He was very occupied! He had his Marine gun (from his little Marine men - you remember - very small), and he made things AND people blow up. He took cover under clothing racks. Cuz, that's fun when you're knee-high to a grasshopper. He yelled, "SURRENDER!!" to the manequins. and they did. Very entertaining.

Christina would NOT have enjoyed this. No, not at all. She would have rolled her eyes and growled his name; and told me how embarrassed she was. UGH, poor thing.

But Marisa and I just kept shopping, shopping shopping. (Yes, you must insert the Nemo-Dory thing going through your head when you read this. It works much better that way.
) Every once in a while, I would look back and make sure my littlest Marine was still there with me. In case, you know, I didn't hear rapid gun-fire and explosions. He really is a great sport.

Right now, his buddy, Eric and he are upstairs shooting each others guts out with their Marines. So cute. There was a time when I refused to believe that was "OK" for a kid to play with; and at times, I still cringe. But he is a boy, and I believe it's in his genetic code.

Oh, then there's the Marine brother that lives here when he's home on leave. That just may be another influence. Perhaps. How he misses his brother. He sleeps with his picture still, on his headboard, right next to his Dad's.

It's good to know that Philip is here in the States, safe. We know he is in training to go back in just a few short months. There are more that are still there; some that have been for longer. Where will they lay their head tonight?

I have been trying for way too many hours than I want to admit to get a video on here - it didn't work! I'm so sorry. Anyway, I miss Philip, we ALL miss Philip. Pray for our military - they so deserve our support.


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