Monday, August 20, 2007

For the past few mornings, we've had the pleasure of some new neighbors in the park across the street. At first there were only a dozen, followed by another dozen on Saturday. By this morning, we counted 52.

Me, being the Motherly person that I am, must feed them. I mean, they must be hungry, right? Right. So, into the cupboard I went, into my birdseed. They love it!

Mama goose was very cautious about her goslings getting to near me; and she would hiss at me, which was pretty funny. But I just looked away from her, and put more seed down, and she'd peck at it.
Meanwhile, Rocco just sits and cries at home; wanting desperately to run and play with them. But I just tell him, "No, they will peck your eyes out!"
I know the interest and the love will soon wear thin once the scent of their poo lingers across the road to my window. But until then, I will admire them, and from time to time, I will even feed them. I may even bring the beast over to play with them, just to stop him from crying.


Joanna said...

"No, they will peck your eyes out!"

Flashback to one of my favorite movies, A Christmas Story, when all Ralphie wanted for Christmas was a bb gun: "You'll poke your eye out!"

When I was a wee Joanna, and attended overnight camp, those geese took over the camp's main sports fields for a few hours each day. We all, of course, had to rename the field "Caca Field." How appropriate.

deborah said...

LOL - Thanks, Joanna! I about fell off my chair.