Thursday, August 16, 2007

Goodbye Old Friend

It's starting; and though I hate to admit it, I've seen it coming for weeks. The colors of my beautiful flowers are starting to fade. The leaves on the trees have lost their brilliance as well. And even though my favorite season is Fall, I am sad to see the summer leave us behind.

In three, short weeks the kids will be going back to school. Nicholas will be starting First grade; a full day of school. The house is going to be so lonely and quiet. And sad. I am already sad for the first day to come. I'm just going to hang on to these last few weeks of summer and enjoy them.

These pictures here, with Nick on the trampolene and Frank and Tony, are at a friend's bar-b-que. While I was freaking out at the idea of him breaking his neck or falling to his death, he was actually having a ball jumping on it. All. by. himself.

Frank went back to work yesterday; not by his own doctor's orders, but by the plant doctor's. Don't you just love corporate America these days. I think he's happy to be back, actually. hey, it's good to be getting a paycheck and life back on track. It's still boggling my mind how fast he's recovering from having a complete replacement of his knee.

Marisa will be moving up to the High School; God please watch over my little girl. Keep her safe from the sicko hormone-filled boys who will, no doubt, be looking at her in an icky way that I just can't bear to deal with. Yes, please God, keep her safe from them. Keep her heart pure and wonderful, and free to be who You want her to be. Not who I want her to become, or the tattoo artist she thinks would be an awesome career move. Your will, Lord, please.

As for Christina, she is in her final year at the Middle School, but she is built like a high schooler. Poor kid. Keep her safe, dear Lord from the same insane hormone-raging little boys. Please don't let her become one of those girls who dislikes others that are unlike her, but help her to love everyone, despite their moods and differences.

Why can't we keep our kids little longer? I mean, really, for the ages of my girls, thankfully, they really are very immature compared to other kids their age. I am totally comfortable with that!

But I am not ready to say good-bye to summer. The heat, yes, definitely ready.


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Joanna said...

Aww, say it ain't so! hehe. Your wishes for your kids are totally normal, and I'm sure that as long as you keep doing what you're doing with them, things will be great and they will be successful. I work with middle school kids, and they definitely are an interesting age, but there are certainly enough "good seeds" to make it worthwhile :-) I'm hoping that Frank enjoyed his first day back to work! If he's anything like my father, I'm sure he was itching to get back into the swing of things.

Thanks for asking how I was feeling the other day :-) The past handful of days have been slightly worse than they have been, but I'm hoping it was just because I was down with my parents at the shore and it was humid - the humidity can exacerbate any kind of pain I already have, I've found. I hope these days have been finding you feeling decent!!
joanna :)