Sunday, March 15, 2009

And the Winner is..........

...........that would be our own CNS Winter Drumline! (insert applause please) We/they received an award, this award, for Best Tenorline!

And our Tenorline just happens to be my own Cinderisa and teammate, Mark. They were so excited, all they could say was, "Best Tenorline."

Here are the little goofballs getting all giddy before they actually went on. It was a wonderful day. Even if they placed third all around.

Afterward, Chrisarella and Britt were busy dancing the night away at Britt's b'day party.

at the Elks Club. Now my girl is having a terrible time walking because her legs are so very tired and sore. She sure must have had fun.

Now this is very similar to what has been flashing in my eyes lately. Too similar. The non-stop pain that has been coming with it is becomming relentless and just plain drudgery. I have gone for the cryoanalgesia, a nice big dose of Toradol IM at the infusion center, trigger-point injections, and none of it is working. Day after day it's just more of the same - migraine.

It's exhausting, painful, sickening; I have had enough. I suppose I haven't. I remember it being worse, much much worse. Oh how I don't want it to get like that again. This daily migraine is just physically and mentally draining.

Today the sun has been shining and it was near 50 out; and I haven't even gotten out of my jammies or bathrobe. I am unable to keep my eyes from running, and one is hardly open. freaking migraines.

I have been able to manage dinner and a banana bread for my wonderful family. The windows are letting in some MUCH-NEEDED fresh air, despite the smelly dogs and their bedding. Oh I can't wait for the warm weather to come and stay.

I am praying for a pain-free day tomorrow. Hoping you have pain-free days


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Tenorline, sorry sorry sorry about the pain, but I had to laugh at smelly dogs/bedding/fresh air, because it was exactly what I was thinking this morning!

deborah said...

I can't seem to get away from my smelly dogs - or sadly, enough of them

Dr. Carley Clan/ Migraine/Proud American Community said...

I hope that pain goes so do not deserve it!

By the way, I love the colors and pictures of your blog!
talk to you soon!