Tuesday, March 03, 2009

pressing matters

Because I just couldn't bare to look at that space without the keys I just HAD to have; I went back today to get them. I also took my MIL. I had a hostage, I know, I'm nuts. And I rectified the scene by explaining myself. I did. I told her, which isn't totally untrue, that I would like for her to help me make curtains for my l'room. "Help" being the (ha) key word here;(get it? key?) because basically, she would be making them FOR me. I cannot sew a button. If it were left to me, I'd just use Stitch Witchery. But this is a rather large window, and I would really like nice I mean really nice drapes.

So I just dragged her around the store, and really, she didn't mind. She helped me choose the hook to hold the keys. She loved the little knobs and the fabrics, the ornate signs and platters. We were gone for oh, I think Frank said 4 hours! NOT just in Hobby Lobby; we were a few other places as well. But I just needed to share my keys with you, and my new favorite store with her.

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Now, onto real pressing matters: For anyone who actually does visit my site - oh, and I do thank you for stopping by and taking the time for that, I have an urgent request. For myself and fellow Migraineurs I would like to ask you to go here to write a letter to your Congressman/woman on behalf of headache and migraine disease.

Please add a paragraph if you can, as I did, telling why it is necessary for funds to be spent on research. If you yourself are unsure, look at these specifics from the Alliance of Headache Advocacy:

This year alone, more than 70,000 patients will have migraine and 24,000 will have chronic daily headache.

Migraine accounts for more lost years of healthy life in the US than epilepsy, multiple scleroses, and ovarian cancer combined.

Headache disorders cause more than $31B of economic costs annually in the US, including 9% of all labor productivity. Yet the NIH spent less than $13 on headache research in 2007, less than 0.05% of it's budget.

Only two innovative drugs have received FDA approval for migraine treatment in the past fifty years. This leaves sufferers like myself at the mercy of the insurance industry, due to the stigma of "off-label" branding of the medications that we must take that actually WORK for us. But because they are not labeled for Migraine, we are denied the medication and are forced to pay out of pocket, while we beg and plead with the insurance industry to allow the medication be allowed, while our doctors write letter after letter and we each receive denial.

So very tiring.

0Greater than 1400 more US women with migraine with aura die annually from cardiovascular diseases compared to women who do not have migraine.

The list goes on and on. My own list is never-ending. I have friends on my sidebar to the right, who have lists, as well. We need your help and your support. If you have known, had, or seen us - the sufferers - please help. Just sign the letter, it's that easy.

Thank you, and I do pray YOU are pain-free

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