Sunday, March 01, 2009


There are two words that have become favorite to me in the last few days - HOBBY & LOBBY - oh, and to two of four of my kids so far. Only because it wasn't open today, nor any Sunday; otherwise, Christina, Lexi and I would've been there finding more fun things to fall in love with.

Like a really cute set of keys to fit in that open spot there to the left of Frank's baby pic.

and up to the right of these..... oh yes they would look perfect there. It was the cutest bunch of old-fashioned keys. I think I must go back and have them.

Now I couldn't pass this beauty up could I?? No, no no. I just hate that the picture refuses to do it any justice. My entryway is so much more warm and welcoming.

Seee, well, except for the little mess I forgot to clean up there, but please don't mind that. Oh, and the kitchen is another little project in the making. I'm a busy girl right now. yes yes yes, busy busy busy.

How darling are these little knobs! They have the most incredible collection of knobs and pulls and just everything my little heart desires! I'm like a kid in a candy shop here. I simply could not resist these. I love to replace knobs on my cabinets and drawers. I couldn't pass them up. nope. couldn't do it. I had to have them. OH

LOOK! Knock, knock! I love it. I am making me a FAIRY DOOR. My kids didn't get it, but I love it. I am sooooooo anxious for Spring. My "fairy" just might get a mailbox, too.

Thankfully, I was able to keep myself away from the scrapbooking supply area. But not the fabric. I had visions of new drapes on my windows, with fringes and beads; and matching pillows on my sofa and loveseat. Oh, the visions I had. The toille was so pretty with it's dancing ladies and pretty flowers. oooooh.

Each room of my home is getting a litte brain face-lift. Poor Frank is freaking out at the opening of this new store. Knowing how much I love to wander the aisles for pretty things for our home - and boy do they have them. EVERYWHERE.

I am so glad they open back up tomorrow.

I've been working on hanging pics in the lower stairway; and it's very hard to get a view in a narrow hallway, but this is what I have. This one of the door I got online and I can't remember the artist, but it was at a prison, and I absolutely love the shot. The building I took in Virginia. The big old house was my Grams. The frame with the collage of baby pics is me.

Finally, we have entered March! Oh, that reminds me, March madness month for us as far as birthdays go. Frank will be having a pretty large landmark of a birthday this week. he is getting old.

Hey, two days and no migraine - woo hoo!! Hoping you are having a pain-free day.


Yes, My Name Is Really Brooklynn said...

Yeah!!! So happy for you! Pain free days are such a great's like being human again!

Emily said...

Very cute - I especially like the curlie-que over the door!

And I love the idea of 2 days w/no migraine!!