Thursday, March 05, 2009

More crafty fun stuff

Pictures just do not do justice here. Maybe I need to invest in a better camera. That's probably what it is. Regardless, I whipped this little, well, it's not really little, name sign up for Cinderisa's room yesterday. The "I" is an old drumstick of hers. I tried to incorporate as much as I could of her to make it just right. She loves it anyway.

I know exactly what I'm doing for Chrisarella's room. Her's will have a more elegant flair. Cinerisa's room is more of the shabby/sheak style. We are working on changing her color.

Today, Frank turns
50 years old. Happy Birthday, Frankenstein. But because our schedules are too busy during the week, we will celebrate on Sunday.

I am so anxious for warm weather to get here. For the dark, gloomy days to just disappear for another 6 or more months. I cannot wait to be able to spend the days outdoors; in my garden, on my deck..........

outside!!!!! Not locked up in the house.

Well, off to a busy afternoon. wishing you a pain-free day

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