Monday, March 09, 2009

Warning - woman at work!

Typically, this is not the way I use my household tools; it is, however, the way Frank has suggested I use this particular tool. Given the way my head has been feeling, this picture is appropriate.

Don't you just wish there was a magic tool you could plug in and apply to the pain..... Make it all go away? This would be my tool of choice. Just apply the biggest bit to my head, whichever part was feeling the worst pressure or pain, and turn that baby on. I'm thinking, by the looks of the picture, she is anticipating the pain will just melt away, flow easily out of the crevice that nice little drill bit makes. Warm, melting, soothing feelings of relief.

Unlike the monster that has been invading yet again. He has been wreaking havoc and mayhem in my head. Both the right and left sides are getting equal play time now. He no longer plays favorites there. I did get a brief moment of relief this morning; and that only lasted momentarily. No fear, tomorrow is my day for cryo!! At long last, I get to put the monster to bed. Sleep, monster, sleep. Just for another few weeks, please. No more bright lights, screaming trains, pounding pain.

Rest, my monster, rest. I have a family to tend to. Gardens to plant. Things I like to do. I have a life to live. I have a kitchen I started refinishing, and need to get back to. So go rest yourself tomorrow. I want to get back to living my life. Pain-free.

Hoping you are pain-free

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Migraine Chick said...

I want to put my migraine monster to bed, too. He's driving me nuts this week. Can you send me your twitter link? I tried to find your link through the name migrainestorms and it wouldn't come up for me.