Saturday, April 04, 2009

It's that time..........

It's that wonderful time of the year; where folks everywhere get Spring fever and start hauling JUNK to the side of the road. Call me crazy, but nothing excites me more than piles of good junk!

Oh the things you can do - well rather, I do with junk! Frank has already warned me that he will not participate this year in picking up the goods. I have already started scanning the roadsides for good pieces of wood, furniture and odds and ends. I'm waiting for the neighborhood junk haul weekend, my absolute favorite.

These are the items I picked up last year - IN THE GARBAGE! YES, GARBAGE.
I have finished the desk and put it in Nicholas' room, but haven't done a pic of it. What is WRONG with me?? Oh, and that ugly plain cupboard up there, it's in my dining room. I loved working on that.

Found these shutters in my shed. They must have been on the house at some time before we owned the house. I ended up painting personalized signs for some family members. This was for my Mom.

Oh, I do love me a junkin bargain! Be sure to visit auctiongirl for more junk bargains.


Anonymous said...

Hi Deborah, and thanks for joining me in 30 Days of Junkin' in April!

I love streetside finds! When I lived in Los Angeles, it was awesome ... anything and everything could be set out with the regular trash. I've been in Bakersfield for 22+ years, and they don't do a large item pick up or accept anything that doesn't fit into the city-issued can, so it's rare to find the truly cool stuff. But when we travel ...

I love the shutters you painted for your mom, the winter birds look great!

Please feel free to add another junkin' post when you're up and about again ... the more, the merrier!

30 Days of Junkin' in April

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

I love your finds and I joined the Junkin' party at Victoria's with my other blog. She's great!

Thanks for stopping by and good luck!!!