Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Neglectful Me

Hello again to my poor neglected site. I haven't exactly forgotten that you exist, it's just that, well, I have had other things going on in my life. Funny how the title of my blog has a way of making that happen.

I received an email reminding me of my site, that I had been missed. Ooops. I am truly sorry if I have left anyone out due to Migraine, nausea, vertigo, aura, etc. But please, don't let that bother you; I wouldn't allow the monster to completely take over my life without attempting to live.

You see, I have attended a Tea Party. I am living!

Oh, and I also went to the Country, Wine country. As you can see by this incredibly colorful tray, we made sure we ate well.

The kids and I colored eggs;

We also attended a live Easter Drama. So you can see, we have been busy. And all while I have been migraining. Yes, I AM amazing. I know. It's not easy being me.

How beautiful are these kids of mine! Oh, pray for me, Cinderisa has started - UGH - Driver's Ed. Four days per week. Yes, I am busy. (and I get emailed regarding the neglect of my site) the nerve!!!

Praying you are migraine-free


Jeff said...

I'm always amazed at how you are able to function with your condition. I had a (I'm sure tiny compared to yours) migraine recently and I wouldn't have dreamed of going anywhere that day. In fact, I thought about you quite a lot that day and my admiration for you grew even more as I though about all that you have to suffer through on a daily basis.

Keep on keeping on Deborah...

prozac said...

Ah, real life: the bane of all bloggers. When will real life learn to stop creeping up on people so they can stop being too busy to update their sites?

In all seriousness though, I'm very impressed at how you're able to just keep going despite the problem. Or at least, keep going without becoming bitter about it.