Friday, December 12, 2008

Santa, Baby

We took Nicholas to see the big cheese this week; and since he's eight years old, I'm thinking this may be the last year he chooses to visit him.

Note the list in Santa's hand, generously provided by my boy. Making sure he doesn't forget once he's left the mall. Smart boy. He had an awful lot of electronics on that list. PSP, DSLite, Wii, he must think Santa is just loaded. What a little nut job. Oh, I almost forgot, he did ask for a Trans-Syberian Orchestra CD. Now you don't get too many kids his age asking for that.

This pup thinks I am her Mommy. During the day, she sleeps in my lap when I am sitting. She follows me where I go. At night it's pretty much more of the same. She prefers me over well, anyone in the house. She will, on occassion, lay with the Rockhead, but not too much. I would prefer it if she would, you know, her being a dog and all. How do you not fall in love with something so adorable and sweet? Too late.
I am going to get this short-haired little girl something warm tomorrow.... she is just too cold. We had a snow storm today. When I bring her to the door to go out, she starts to shiver. It's just pitiful. I never understood before now, why people would dress their pets; but she is cold. I must make sure she is warm. That is all there is to it.
I am officially finished shopping for my children. I have only to shop for Frankie. Oh, and my parents, Philip, food. Then I will be done for the Christmas shopping. Still needing to do some baking.
Yesterday I had another cryoanalgesia procedure done, and other than being completely exhausted, I feel pretty good. Not so yesterday, but that was expected. I'm hoping it will keep the monster that was coming to life, at bay for the next three months. Or at least at a calm level.
For now, I need to get my kids ready for their Dad's. I hope they have a nice weekend. I plan to rest.
Wishing you pain-free days

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Emily said...

oh, that little puppy is just too cute!