Saturday, December 13, 2008

Queen of the Dog Park

And now she has the shirt to prove it!! With sparkles. It's official, I've completely lost it for this pup. She is just adorable in her new little t-shirt. I love the dollar bin so much at Target! So much in fact, that I bought.....

this little coat for her, too.Yes, she did need it. Everytime I took her to the door, she started to shiver. She is afterall, a baby still. With very short hair and a bare belly. She is so stinking cute.

They don't make things in his size. Trust me on that. Even collars are hard to buy for the big guy. He was trying to undress her when I put the shirt on her. (I think he was jealous, he was looking in the bag for one for himself) but like I said, he's too big.

They play so cute together. Yep, they're in love.

Unless there is a bone or snack between them, then of course the beast, Rockhead, is in charge.

Oh and she watches the TV. in complete amazement or for joy, not sure yet., but she watches.

I am finished with my shopping. Completely and totally finished now for my kids. They are now done. They will get nothing else. nothing I say. nothing. Frank on the other hand, he is definitely entitled to more! Much, much more. Even if he says he wants nothing. To that, I say, "whatever!" just open your gift. He is a good man. I am very lucky.

And he just walked in from work at 10:20pm. So good night.


Jeff said...

Lucky pup. If she was here right now she'd need that new coat. We just got clobbered with a bunch of snow. Yay!

Now, off to shovel the sidewalks. :-(

Migraine Chick said...

Target has the best dog sweaters. I just bought one for my cat!

Dr. Carley Clan/ Migraine Community said...

Hey deb,
I know I have been out of touch lately....i love your to you soon! Have a merry Christmas!
P.S. hope your migraines are doing better!

Ellen Schnakenberg said...

Wishing you a fabulous new year! Hope things are going well with you.

Gotta love doggies!!