Tuesday, December 02, 2008


These are a few things I've been working on while I've been off neglecting my blog. It's not that I've been bored; oh no, never that! HA, imagine a day with some time to be bored........... sorry, can't.

That's ok, because at least I haven't been under the covers with a migraine. I have actually had some pretty good days lately. (I know, I know, I shouldn't say anything) HOWEVER; as I look over the last three years, I'm doing great, compared. Oh, They still come, but I'm able to live through them.

And I've been using my creative side to keep busy. With all of the left-over wood pieces we have here, and the one's from the kid's Dads house, I have been able to make some really neat and interesting things for my house, as well as gifts for my family. I love me some junk.

I remember being told when my girls were little, "wait until they're teens," and didn't really know what that meant, in it's fullest. Thankfully for me, my girls are great; they are respectful, don't get into trouble, are good in school - they are great kids. What that statement meant was that I was going to be in for the RUN of my life. The daily, non-stop and forever running to and fro from day til night - RUN. They wear me out. literally. From one place to the next. If it's not that, it's the grocery store, every other day. I just run, and run and run. well, I'm driving but you get it.

On Migraines: If you are like me, and have been taking anti-seizure medication, and have been for some time; it's time to have your Vitamin D levels checked. You may have become somewhat deficient to Vitamin D by now. And with the weather turning, well, dark and gray, the lack of sun isn't going to help. Please get your levels checked, get your supplements. Here and Here are excellent articles to read on the subject. You may be at risk for more than you think; like cardiovascular disease (no shocker there), malignancy, cerebrovascular disease and fibromyalgia. Hey why not, right. A little something more to add to the mix. fun, fun, fun!j (UPDATE: I have fixed the highlighted sites; here's hoping they work for you now)

I had my levels tested just two weeks ago for an unrelated test and found I am indeed deficient. I was told to take upwards of 3000 iu per day of Vitamin D3. now. I will be rechecked in four months. There is always something, isn't there.

But wait -

Oh, look, despite my being neglectful here I was given this Lemonade Award by MJ at Rhymes With Migraine. The Lemonade Award is given to blogs demonstrating an attitude of gratitude. Although I find it awkward being on the receiving end, especially when I'm not appearing as creative in my writing, I am very thankful for it. Thank you, MJ.

Now it's my turn to honor more writers who demonstrate an attitude of gratitude. I think you'll agree!

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Oh and by the way, I am so very spoiled. This is my new Mom van. I was pretty uninterested in getting a new van at first. I even test-drove one, and didn't like it, didn't want it. BUT, I actually love it. It does have an awful lot of gadgets to get used to. I still do NOT like where they moved the shifter to.


I am, although, enjoying the Satelite radio and the MyGig system. The kids of course, are thrilled with the idea of video. My MIL said they will be coming out with toilets next. I'm afraid she may be right.

Look, two glove boxes. Crazy! I am thrilled we no longer have three red vehicles in the driveway. We were known as "the house with the red cars."

It is truly amazing what they think of to put into a vehicle. The first gadget I disengaged was the rear back-up camera. Why, I ask, would you need such a device on a minivan? A camper, yes. But I didn't need one on my previous vehicle, and I don't see the need now. I will continue to use my eyes, and my mirrors. But thank you, Dodge. Clever.

I needed to make it clear to the kids that it is not a theater on wheels; that we will not be playing movies every. time. we. get. in. PULEEEZ. I guess they are just as excited as me. My favorite is the pedal extender. Oh the little things that excite me. I was totally thrilled with that. AND!!! The seat goes higher than my other van. WAAAAY higher. I love LOVE my new van; more than I thought I would. Yes, I'm spoiled. terribly terribly spoiled.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. I have much to be thankful for; our Philip will be home with a fellow Marine brother. oh, and a stupid puppy for me to raise and train. lovely.

My children are healthy and happy.

My husband has a job that he loves.

Our Lord provides for us.

Wishing and praying you all pain-free days.

gobble gobble


Christy said...

Congratulations on your award and happy to hear all the happy stuff. gobble gobble to you, too!

Emily said...

congratulations on the award, and thanks for giving it to me!

i'm also glad for the reminder about vit. D. important stuff!

Dr. Carley Clan/ Migraine Community said...

Congrats. and thank you very much.
By the way I love the new mommy van, it looks great!
Hope you are feeling pain free today!