Monday, September 08, 2008

Son of Sanford

One of my most favoritest weekends has come - dump your junk! Or as I like to call it, "Dumpster Diving Weekend." Oh, it is so amazing the stuff that people no longer need! It took some getting used to for Frankie, my driver, who asked if he could wear a disguise. Fortunately for him, on day one, it was dark and rainey. And he did NOT wear a disguise. Look at the goodies we got!!

Yeah, I know, the corner cabinet is a litte, hmm, how shall I say, kitchey?? But I have some grand ideas in mind! Look at the folding hanger for my laundry! I was thrilled. I'm so GREEN!!! I know, wouldn't Al Gore just gouge his eyes out for that!!

OOh, lookey look at this adorable little book case for Nick's room. Yeah, it is wood. Cute isn't it! Oh, and this mirror; mirror, mirror on the wall.....can you just stand it!!!

Aah, this old school desk is just perfect for the little man in his room for OH NO, HOMEWORK!!!! Oh, and that little table in the back is going in the family room downstairs. Perfect to hide the games in. I may go look for more today!!!! Wait, see that little milking stool in there? Cute huh. Everything is in nearly new shape, just needs some TLC. Perfect!

I ended taking him out again yesterday, in the sunshine, and he was enjoying the dig. We are a bunch of trashers. Who knew he'd turn out to be a great diver? I just can't wait to turn out all my junk.

Oh wait, one more thing; there were these awesome black shutters I found in my shed, rememeber? I have decided to turn them into presents for Christmas. Here is one I made for my Mother-in-law.

Hoping you are all pain-free today.

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Christy said...

I'm still reeling from your migraine aura table. It all looks like fun, and the corner cabinet looks great to me. I can't wait to see what you do with it.