Tuesday, September 02, 2008


This adorable little teapot, in its pretty array of colors, is pretty much the only splash of color you see in my kitchen. My very dark kitchen.

So, I dragged out my table last week, sanded the finish off of it, and completely started to freak out my family by applying paint. Wait, I must also add that my never-ending dream-waking aura are also an inspiration to my whimsical table. It's very colorful, bright and cheery. I have yet to apply the finishing touches, glazing, staining and poly. But I am ready to give a sneak-peak. I have been neglecting my blog something awful.
Notice my new stove in there! Works beautifully.

Yes, I have a thing for roosters. Some of the colors have come from the dining room; must tie it all in! Look, more roosters. OOPs, and some clutter. I have not been tidy this week. Nope, too busy on my trigger table. Crazy, don't you think? It's actually pretty funny in a way, painting a table to
resemble the aura that I wake with. But those that
I wake with are spinning very fast and make noise
like "zzzzzzzzzzpppp" and my table has no sound at
all. That's a great thing, huh!

This, I believe will definitely brighten my kitchen up. It will certainly cheer me up. Oh, and I did some pretty paisley on the top of it, too. I just love paisley. Don't you love paisley? I'm so hoping it can be done by Friday. yeah, right. we'll see.

I suppose I could call it my migraine table. it hasn't actually triggered anything yet. thankfully. I mean, the same old garbage is still there, but..... I am having lots of fun getting back into my artsy fartsy side again.

The kids say they are going to have a hard time eating on it. No problem! Use the dining room. (that is, until I decide to do that table!) Which actually does need to be resurfaced. hmmmm. just sayin.
Oh and yes, that is a wine rack, an empty wine rack. Let me show you one reason WHY it's empty: (I assure you it has nothing to do with my glass)

Oh sure he looks fluffy. He is an oaf. His tail is dangerous. His head is huge.
I have an interesting question, has nothing to do with anything on my blog; but why, on Day 2 of the Republican National Convention, is it not, in this day and age, on the three major networks?? Interesting don't you think; considering the Democratic Convention was. Just thinking. We just came across it on CNN. Funny, huh.
Thank you for stopping by. I hope this day finds you pain-free

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Emily said...

LOVE your table. way fun.

and i just had to tell you that here in utah (aka Republicans-r-us) the convention was on quite a few stations. maybe your area is home to too many democrats? ;)