Friday, September 05, 2008

My Migraine Aura Table

This is the little teapot with it's pretty colors, that inspired me to paint my table. The little salt and pepper shakers gave me the rest of diagonals and geometrical shapes and colors. I painted the paisley simpley because, well, I just like them.

It is so like the aura I wake with each morning; that I go off to sleep with. The flickering that I catch out the corner of my eye. Those that twist and spin and swirl, scream and screach; yes they are all here in this table.

Now the decision I have, is this, do I paint the chairs to match? Is the table more than enough? Does it look unfinished?

Does anyone who doesn't get Migraines, get it ? Does it really matter if they don't. Regardless, my family likes it. It's done. I'm already off to other projects.
Tomorrow, I'm off to the big dumpster dive! I can't wait. That is, if this current Migraine goes away. Must be Hannah driving it in.
Hoping you are well.

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