Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Bye-Bye, Birdies

The first day of school. All across the Blogosphere, I've noticed that kids have been back for a few weeks; but here in NY, our kids are just going back. Today is the first day for my kids.
Cinderisa is excited to see her friends. Chrisarella is nervous to be entering the Jr. High and afraid of getting lost. I must say, her outfit matched excellent! A plus for her.
As for Nicholopolous - he just plain did NOT want to go. Let's just say fear factor was on high in my house. But as soon as the big Yellow monster arrived, and all the little girls yelled his name, he had his game on. The little girls love this kid! Hey, he is adorable!

Yeah, yeah color change! I don't know about you, but I just love love love the dew on pretty flowers in the morning. Like this:
isn't that just so precious? Now I just need to go out there today and spray the little aphids off of it!! grr.
Oh looky looky at this adorable little bundle of fun. Here's one for you Migraine Chick. Something a little, um, different, you might say:

(cackling!) the little chicks have hatched all over the place! Who knew they'd multiply so fast?
Ooh, look, another dewey, rose:

Before long, the winds will be changing and bringing frost and snow. UGH! Tomorrow it is supposed to turn humid and by Friday - 90!! Whew, good thing we put a pool in! I will SO be posting those pool pictures I've been saving up.
But for today, Frank and I have it to ourselves. ha ha ha ah HA HA HA. Oh, I almost forgot about the little party I've arranged with the other parents; "tea" time. gotta go!! Have a truly splendid day.


Anna's Spot said...

Hi Deborah,
I really like your site and I like the beautiful flowers and plants on your site. I hope you come back and visit - I am not usually so insect graphic :) I just found it so amazing that there were so many praying mantis on the windows for the past few nights while I was working on my computer. I am going to look at your site more when I get home today and add you to my blogroll.
Have a beautiful day.

Lisa Milton said...

Ours started today too - a little weird, but I guess it gave us one more free day to play.

Hope you are well.

Migraine Chick said...

Thank you for the chicks picture. I have those plants, too, and they are growing like crazy!