Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm Addicted junk. I went back for more and just look what I got. These cute folding chairs. Can't wait to play with them.

then there was this child's desk and little hutch, and oh look at the headboard and footboard! I can't believe people just throw this stuff out. My imagination is just running wild with ideas for these pieces.

Not sure if you recall this ugly little shelf; well, it wasn't too bad, really. Well, anyway, Nicholas claimed it for himself before I decided to do anything and that was a good idea because he needed a place for his books. So yesterday, while it was ugly and raining and I was in between abortives and ginger ale and my pillow and just plain feeling like garbage, I did....

THIS to it! Doesn't it look much better now? This is the little spot outside of his door, which I think is a cute spot for the shelf, but he prefers it in

his room - oh he is soooo demanding lately. What happened to my sweet little boy? He is turning 8 in November; could that be it? Please dear, God don't let my little boy turn into a little monster now. At least he still wakes up and cuddles, and hugs me and kisses. But he does stomp his feet and grumble. He never used to do that.
Tomorrow, I'm hoping to start the desk I picked up for him on the first day of my dive. It will match the shelf. (even if he does grumble)
By the way, I took Chrisarella and her friend with me on this last little escapade and now they, too are addicted. They want to know when the next village is hosting a big dump-out. If only I knew! Regardless, I will be checking my local listing.
Wishing you pain-free days

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Dr. Carley Clan/ Migraine Community said...

You are too funny! It looks great Mrs. Deb/Martha Stewart! I would get a migraine from the fumes, but if you already have one...WHAT THE HECK!!! Have fun, you are great at it!!
Do you use a mask?