Saturday, January 05, 2008

Dance with the Migraine Monster

This is how they always begin; the pretty, dancing and swirling of lights. Sometimes they are so fast, I'm not quite sure if I see them or not. Then they come again. At times they appear with a sound, like a "zip" or a "whirl" and then they can sort of "fizzle out" with their radiance.

As my eye tries to follow the brightness, my stomach begs me not to, for it rolls in agony of what is yet to come. At the same time, I welcome the outcome, to rid myself of the poison; just a moment of peace and normal feeling to my body again. PLEASE!

Oh, here it comes; the onslaught of the real monster. Over and over and over again, he comes to torture me with his pick. Deeper, deeper and deeper it goes. My eyes are watering, my ears are screaming in pain, too. It doesn't END! It just keeps coming, and I just take it like a pro, that I am.

That is what I've become, the professional migraineur. unfortunate at that. Really, who wants to be professional in that sort of realm? Certainly not ME! It seems as though, just when I'm feeling good enough to say, "I think maybe it's time to try oh, I don't know, going down on this med or that med, because, maybe I really am doing well;" that is when the Beast comes back to my town, knocks on my door, or my head rather, and reminds me, that there is no way HE is going anywhere away from ME. Afterall, HE seems perfectly comfortable in my head and my neurologic state to move on. Bastardo.

I have been at the infusion center since last Friday, getting my cocktail drip of meds that should break the cycle of this attack. I think it has been successful (oh, dear, Lord please!) So far this morning when I woke, there has been no raging storm. thankyou, thankyouthankyouthankyou!!! So for today, I will just lay low, and take it very easy. Upload my pics into my new frame; take down Christmas. Well, over the entire weekend and with help, that is - the Christmas thing anyway.
By the way, the artwork featured here is by Russian artist Olea Nova and can be viewed by linking here and clicking on "Migraines." Be sure to check out her other incredible work.
Wishing the rest of you a painfree weekend


Emily said...

the artwork really is exquisite. i will check it out!

sorry you have been so low -- my fingers are crossed that this one is gone for good!

Dr.Carley Clan said...

So hope the tormentor stays away. The last week has been difficult on me as well.

See you got the live traffic feed. it is neat to see who is looking. Mine has a long story I will send you in a private e-mail though. UUU anyway....I am laying low as well.

Jeff said...

Wow. What's so strange is that you have the ability to describe something so horrible, but in the beautiful way you write. I (and my wife) are praying for you right now.

Migraine Chick said...

The picture of your migraine monster with the red face actually scared me for a second.

You really are a great writer, because I felt every stab of the monster's pick as you described it!! Very scary stuff.

I'm so glad my migraine monster is a crazed squirrel.

Angela Solomon: mom2girlsgirlsgirls: said...

Hi--thanks for commenting on my blog! I have to admit to lurking here without commenting (shame-shame). My 9yo experiences atypical migraines (since age 2) that do not involve the pain you describe here. Please GOD! let her avoid this. You describe it so clearly!