Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year '08 - let the fun begin

Here's my take on what Bosco is trying to say, "Could you keep the noise down! We're trying to sleep here. And I'll take some shrimp." Which he did get, by the way, and he loved it.

Oh, I'm sure the Stinkbomb was offerred sooomethiiiing. Pathetic!

My sis, Denise, Dad, (forgothisnamealreadybelongstomyniece-boyfriend), friends and neighbors; Dixie and Denise - yes a LOT of D's in the house.

And their spouses, Steve and Mark. (Steve belonging to Dixie, but strangely and not knowing before this night, Dixie and Mark grew up together in Jersey.) Small world. Here's where it get's weirder; Cinderisa chills with Cassie; (Dixie and Steve's)

yes, this little oddball. We love her though.
And Christina hangs with Kayleigh, (Mark and Denise)who oddly enough never got her pic taken on NYeve. Hmmmm.

Chris and I were talking about why there are never pics of her and I; what we discovered is that, it is usually one of us taking the pictures, duh, therefore, no pix. Since I was feeling like (refer back to top pic of cat and dog) and she was down watching Ratatoullie with K, blah bhalblah........... you see where I'm going??? Are you there, too? Right, moving on.

Ooooh, The Delightful Miss Aren't-You-Glad-To-See-Me? This child continually cracks me up, inside-out, and genuinly just puts a smile in a dull room, seriously.

Got a boo-boo? Oh, please! Talk to Vanessa; cause man, ain't Nobody got a BOO-BOO like the blood and guts coming out of Ms. V. UH UH! And she will tell you a story like you have never heard one told - by a 6 year old. This little girl has got IT going on. And on. And on and on andonandononononononon.........

She's just too cute for words! oh, and here the two of them are, right before they melted into their typical hatefest for each other. You know, with the usual crying (no tears), foot-stomping (testosterone), wailing (pre-estrogen, watch out Rach), and blaming the other one (my favorite).

And, no, Philip isn't plugging his ears from them. This is really what is happening; they're not actors, they don't play actors. This is Jeff. Just Jeff. They are getting ready to "go out." I'm assuming they're calling SOMEBODY to go with.

The conversation:

Jeff: Where do YOU want want to go?

Philip: (seriously, this IS how he would answer him) I don't CARE. As long as it's not LAME

and crowded man. I just want go somewhere.

Jeff: (never wanting to be offensive-very sweet kid) Ok, ok. How about, (suggests a place)

Philip: ( Laughs him off and leaves it to Raches and Jaquan.) Rachel is better at this, Man! You


Nobody really looks at Jeff seriously. We do love Jeff, he's a great kid. Has a wonderful family. He tells us he has, get this, it's truly amazing; he has NEVER (I still revel in it) seen or heard his parents argue or fight. Isn't that awesome! What an inspiration that is, huh?

Right, the first pic, I think they were as dumbfounded as me in the conversation. The second; is the Battle of the Word Sleuth Competition. Christina won. 3-1, I think. Then it was pile on Jeff. He is a Rodney Dangerfield in the making. No respect.

We had him in the kitchen with the snakes for a good time as well. My parents were in on it, too. He was holding one of them, which was the funniest part; I told him that when they are ready to strike, they will coil their heads back. And no sooner did I say that, the snake he was holding did just that, but not in an aggressive way, just to look at him. Our snakes like to be handled. But he thought he was about to be, well, struck. So we, naturally kept it going. ALL of us. We had him pretty terrified. The more he tried to give the snake TO Philip, the more it tried to stay WITH him, which of course, terrified him more. And made us laugh.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of it, because I suck. At that time, it was probably nearing 11:30 or so, and my head was probably at oh, a 6ish. I had been downing glass after glass of ginger ale all day and night. I could not wait to get to bed. But I was having a good time. Phil was home, my family was there. We had a few neighborhood friends by. It was nice. The kids were up late. Oh, so very late.

Once the New Year finally did ring in; I put my littlest man to bed, said "Good-bye" to those who were leaving; and "I'm sorry, but I need to go to bed" to those that stayed. And then, I was up. all. night. long. tossing. turning. moaning. groaning. Wishing I could sleep, or die. Something other than what I was doing, which was mere torture. No, it was a prelude to torture. That came gradually in the next few hours. To my stomach, my neck. and oh, my aching, pounding, clamouring freaking head.

The infusion that started the Friday after Christmas; didn't end until the Friday after New Year. As of today, I hope, the cycle has finally broken. Out of the 1 - 10 rating, today I'm at somewhere around the 3-4 range, roughly. My brain feels like I haven't quite caught up with myself yet. I'm not ready to drive, oh no. Definitely not. I feel scatter-brained.

When I need answer with a "no" I'm finding myself running up with 2-4 no no NO NO's and yelling it. It happened lastnight for no apparent reason when Frank and the kids asked me a simple Q? after dinner. It was like I was stuck in a mumble on the word or something and I couldn't get off. Has anyone ever done that???? Please tell me I'm not the only one! I do that with the letter "M" when I'm in the storm, too. Get stuck on 'mmmmmouse' mmmmother or it'll come out like mumumumu - ever done that????

Ok, enough for today. llook it's after 2, I'm still in my jammies; AGAIN! SHOCKER! this isn't my norm.

hoping YOU are pain free today


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