Tuesday, January 08, 2008

very sad news

I received this email from Bull's Mom this morning:

Deb, Sorry to write with such bad news, but Bull passed away on New Year's Day. We couldn't write earlier because we had to grieve first. It has been hard on us. We did everything we could for him. After all the tests and medicines, the vets still couldn't tell us what it was, just some kind of infection. At the end, he was on 3 different medications along with a pain med (28 pills a day). I hope you are all well there. Take care, Cathy :)

My heart goes out to them; I do know how much they loved that dog. He was a great, BIG, wonderful beast. He was our Rocco's sire; we enjoyed him, thoroughly each and everytime we visited them.

He was a powerful, yet gentle dog. When he barked, you could literally feel it in your chest. He was a massive, 135 pounds of ripped and solid muscle. There was no need for steroid in this breed. This is an American Bulldog - true grit; all you need for protection, comfort, sweetness; oh, yeah they do drool, Glenn - they DO

His head is the size of a bowling ball or more, actually; definitely weighs more. So heavy, in fact, he must rest it on your lap or coffee table. He will look sadly and deep in your eyes and start to whine, because he is so very pitiful. (insert the sound of screaching tires here) Wait, that would be MY dog, the one in the picture, with the, um, yeah, scarf, I mean, bandana. Bull was NOT the house dog.

Regardless this is a pic of Bull doing some work. He was part of a Protection Training Team. Glenn trains in K9 Pro Sport, Personal Protection Training (PPDA), and our dogs are registered with the UKC, which recognized the American Bulldog. As does the NKC. As Glenn used to say, "Bull does not want to play."

Rocco, on they other hand, he doesn't play either, but that is because, well - I am forever needing to wake him up. do you see what I live with?!! Lazy, sleepy, non-playful thing that he is. Not to mention, stinky and drooly. But I do love the beast. Yes, I do.
I'm sorry for Glenn, Cathy and the kids. And for the remainder of the pack who will definitely be grieving his loss in the next few weeks. He was a mighty presence. I need to hug my smelly dog.
OH, AND on the plus side (+) I'm feeling MUCH better, thank you Dr. M!!! I'm at a - oh, like a 3ish; which is better than the nasty 9 (really 10, but I NEVER give in to the 10) anyhooooo. I'm feeling better today. oh, yeah, watch out for me on the road today, cuz like I need to be out there with all the other nutjobs on the road - yeah, I know. scary. ooooh new credit card!!! bonus. where was I????
right lost in my thought bubble again. NOWHERE! wHICH REMINDS ME, i TAKLED TO sorry about that, I wasn't trying to scream or anything. ....... Hey, Em, Hope you're feeling better today, thanks for the chat; and I hope I didn't freak you out with my complete um, migrainyness. you know what I mean.
gotta go. drive. for the first in weeks. WHEEEEEEEEEEEE. don't worry! Geeesh, I'm taking the dog!
you guys are funny


Emily said...

i'm so sorry to hear the sad news.

it was great to talk w/ you the other day; i really appreciate you sharing your stories w/ me.

SO glad you are doing well!! you deserve it. :)

Angela Solomon: mom2girlsgirlsgirls: said...

Thanks for the comment! Yes, I have trouble keeping on weight and it's nice to hear I'm not the only one. Most people can barely keep from rolling their eyes if I "complain" about it, so I typically keep it to myself.

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better, and hoping you're near a "zero" by now. Man--fibromyalgia AND migraines??? Those are two wicked, evil diseases: you "don't look sick" even when you're in agony.

Hang in there!