Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pretty Colors, no?

don't you love the color! not too far off base, you know. what color are you? and if it wasn't for the fuzzy pink robe (which, by the way, this is how sad life has become) I. actually. have. one. OH, and I love it! It's warm and cozy and wonderful and why oh why didn't I get it sooner?????
So let's get rid of this color, shall we; for the past ummmmm oh I can't recall now, maybe three nights I have been - awake. that's it. no sleep. no rest. just awake. this is not a good thing when you have the monster lurking around every corner ready to pounce on your skull. with knife and sledge hammer yielding, I might add. because he is always good for that.
I haven't had any problem what so freaking EVER falling asleep on the couch, watching absolutely nothing on TV. every. night. did I mention watching absolutely nothing because there is absolutely nothing nothing nothing on. no good repeats, no good-looking anybody - nothing. lastnight, it was ufo's. because, well marisasawoneafewweeksagoandwedidn'treallymentionitforobviousreasonsthatiwon'tgointo.
then there was the shopping episode with the litte princess of drama who is just like me and hates to shop. now THAT was fun! where is that migraine when I need one, right?
everyday for a month it was, (oh, include ear-to-ear, seriously, smile) "ARE WE GOING SHOPPING TODAY???" and add it in high speed, because she only speaks in high speed. Frank calls her "Ba dop ba da" - mostly because he doesn't understand her "language" when she is talking.
well, our day to shop was on Monday. mind you, no sleep the previous night for me. add in the little precursor -my lack of appreciation for shopping and hers as well. off we went. It really didn't start out so bad, we had the entire mall out in front of us, neither wanting to venture into it.
We entered Macy's, knowing that we've had pretty good luck in the past. To the jeans we go. Ok, it's been a long time for me, you know shopping for jeans. I'm the kind of person - the parental type I suppose - that would rather buy for them, than myself. I prefer a bad of hand-me-downs over having to go shopping ANY day. (call it lazy! if you must) I truly ABHOR shopping. for clothes, that is. Take me to the grocery, and I'm all for it! fashion, forget it. I could care less.
Unfortunately, looking at my wardrobe, it's showing. Oh, and the mouths of the teen and tween, (like I care), that I allow to live under the roof, they're telling me my clothes are, well, 'old.' eeww. So what's a Mom to do?
She totally dragged me into this. While she was shopping for herself, she was secretly shopping for the dreaded drag teen that I had become, apparently. Hey, that's what I've become; I know, it's shocking. The hand-me-downs have come from, well, Philip's friends. Who were mostly girls. Teen girls. (yes, I'm smallish) Oh, and the girl's friends. So, basically, I have lots of stylish LEI and brand name teeny-bopping jeans. go girl stuff. Like I said - I'm a drag teen. It's not so stylish at 40 .......ish.
She says to me, "Really Mom, you never buy yourself anything, you should really buy yourself some jeans. You need them." and she did emphasize the 'really.'
I must say, it's been ages for me, because when did jeans start costing $100.00? I'm not kidding! I dragged her from department to department, in search of the perfect jeans, that did NOT cost more than $30. I knew they existed. She knows I'm cheap savvy. Finally, we found them; now all we had left to do was try it all on.
Into the dressing room we go. That's when I discovered some real truths about my body that I was really ok with NOT knowing. It was there in the dressing room of Macy's that I discovered how much I hate three-way mirrors. and why are they really necessary? why? Why do I need to see my back side?
Here's a question I really need answered: when did my breasts go from a beautiful size C, to SEE YA!!!!?? And why was I uncomfortable with them when they were? Isn't if funny how we women are never really satisfied with our bodies. and then when we see the youth and fullness vanishing away, like I did on Saturday, it's a real wake-up call to the senses.
I was looking at myself, oh, in horror; and it was like watching the new "Jell-O" commercial. you know, where they're all distorted because they're eating it and dancing to the song. YEP, that's the one. 'wiggle while you jiggle' - boy do I!!
I need to walk my big ugly dog or something! but not today, I'm too tired from not sleeping and my head is pounding. again. oh bother. It seems like it's an endless uphill battle of struggle, struggle, struggle. I struggle to get through the next migraine. the next pile of laundry. the next whatever. to get to what exactly?? what a vicious cycle.
but hey, I got two new pair of jeans that look great, for under $100; and shirts. Not to mention, my little drama girly got some new stuff. Now, if only I can wear them all summer! Oh, and I didn't have to take her to her favorite places either; Hollister and Aero. whatever!!
sure hope you're jiggle-free today


Emily said...

a truly hilarious entry.

the sleep thing is horrible, deb! do you have any sleeping pills? maybe even OTC would help? gosh, i'm sorry. no migraines are worse than when it's been bad sleep the night before. i sympathize. :(

i have a peach robe, but really i hang out in PJs all day. if i'm leaving the house, then i'll get dressed. i'm glad you got some good jeans - didja find some levis? they're usually good fits and for less than $35.

you know, in case you wanted more jeans. ;)

deborah said...

Em, I have those days when I hang in my jammies all day; but for the most part, I prefer to get dressed, with the face/warrior paint and all. hey, if I at least look good, right?

oh, and no they're not Levi, and I'm suddenly feeling the need to go LOOK FOR A STUPID PAIR -THANKS!

Jennine said...

jiggle-free? I haven't been jiggle-free since I was 7 years old.

I used to joke around that I'd rather have a migraine than go clothes shopping for myself and now I feel horrible because you had to tackle both!

I know this is too much information but when I worked in a nursing home, I was getting a very elderly woman dressed one morning and accidently tucked her breasts into the waistband of her pants. I was SHOCKED by that. Not so much now after having seven kids.

I'm praying for you!

deborah said...

I almost laughed myself off my chair.

Anonymous said...

Deborah, with the migraines I've had to let some things go and that includes expectations about myself. I used to exercise but they it became a trigger. So I can relate to the jiggle metaphor. I also know how hard not sleeping is during a migraine. I tried benadryl and it didn't work. I finally caved and just this week got a rx from my doctor b/c the not sleeping three days in a row on top of a migraine was way too disruptive. I hope you find some help too. I appreciate your sense of humor and especially the pics.

Migraine Chick said...

Not sleeping and having a migraine is a nasty combo. Have you ever tried drinking camomile tea before bed? Sometimes, it helps me. I add honey and lemon to make it taste better.

deborah said...

anon - when I'm in the worst of the storm, I will reach out for the rx, but I'd prefer not to have to.

chick - I've tried it with the honey and lemon cocktail, and even that doesn't make it go down any better. Can you believe my hub will drink it straight up with the bag still in the cup. bleck!

I do love a good cup of chai, and I've finally found some really yummy tastey stuff from Bigelow that comes in decaf. Just sniffing the box is worthwhile.

nutmegan said...

Deb - Sorry you're not sleeping! Have you tried melatonin? Helps me a lot. You got me laughing with the shopping stuff - I hate it too, and have a 17 y/o fashion plate daughter who will criticize my clothes any time! My sister turned me on to NYDJ - "Not Your Daughter's Jeans" with tummy control - way $$$ but I found some on ebay pretty cheap - they're comfy too.

Hate laying around in pjs but my velour warm up suit with a bra and undies works for me if I'm feeling bad. Got to have the bra to feel human!

- Megs

Dr.Carley Clan said...

I understand your story. I am one of those ones that do not care what I spend on clothes, I just hate how they look on me.

I use to be a size 4, I am on a diet to get back to that. but I do understand the giggle, if you move to CA it is just a given for plastic surgery.

Anyway so sorry you are not sleeping. THAT IS HORRID.

Funny story though. sleep cycle is all messed up. NOTHING WORKS FOR ME. I understand.

Victorias secret have great cotton PJ's they are suppose to be big. They are so compfortable. WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO BE IN THEM ALL DAY?

I feel bad for my hubby, I think sometimes, DID HE KNOW WHAT HE WAS GETTING INTO WHEN HE MARRIED ME....OOO SUCH AS LIFE.
talk to you soon.

Hope you are having a pain free day.


deborah said...

Lisa - I know what you mean about the "did he know what he was getting into thing"!!! But as far as moving to CA, not happening.

funny, we were at VS today, one of my fav places to go. they have my scents there. nice and light Amber Romance and Body by Victoria. Or whatever tehy call it this month. And I've downsized my bra again. I've been downsized, too! YIKES