Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fun holidays - part uno

For those of you who are sooooo busy, or, no scratch that; who are like me! God help all four of you, at any case; I would like to inform you that this Sunday, the 20th is Penguin Awareness Day. Yes, seriously. Who knew? I did. So I've decided to give my appreciation to the frigid-liking little - oh and I've learned the NOT so little Penguins.

This little guy here to the rrrrrrright is an Adelie Penguine, the little tuxedo type. Isn't he cute as a button!!!!

Ok, what are they saying?????? Too funny! They're Soprano Penguins and their names are Frank and Vinny.

Frank: You takin to me?

Vinny: NO, you takin to ME?!

Frank: I'll trow you in dat dere iceberg.

Vinny: I dint say nuttin Frank.

Ok, so they're not soprano penguins; they are King Penguins. Did you know that the male penguin will carry the egg on his little feet, and set his rolly polly belly on it to keep it warm? Most penguins flocks will take turns keeping the eggs warm. How sweet.

The Emperor Penguin, now this is a biggie. They are the largest of the species, and stand at 4 feet tall. No kidding. Ok, I am 5 feet tall, so that would be very interesting to have a penguin come up next to me, or a flock of them rather at Nicholas' height. I wonder what he would think of that. hmmmmmmm

Now this next set of penguin took me by the name alone - who comes up with this stuff???? I introduce to you the Jackass

not very nice, is it. Interesting enough, the "jackass," as they are called don't live in the frigid, icy waters like their cousins; they live in the Southwestern part of Africa. So, why the name? Well, it has more to do with the sounds they emit when they open their cute little beaks. They let out a very loud braying cry like a donkey. Just don't try packing your suitcases on them.

So on Sunday, appreciate a penguin. Oh, and trust me, I actually have more weird stuff where this came from.

Stay tuned for January 24: National Compliment Day(good, bad, you be the judge). and who can't get enough of this??

January 28: Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. ooooooh fun fun fun!!!!! thankfully, I have earplugs. (Run, Rocco)

January is also noted as Oatmeal Month. So bake some cookies, eat your oats; oh that reminds me of a song my Mother used to sing; anyone remember this?

Mares eat oats
and does eat oats
and little lambs eat ivy
a kid'll eat ivy, too
wouldn't you?

Ok, enough of that
hope you're pain free


Migraine Chick said...

I quite like the idea of peguin day. We celebrated squirrel day at my work a few years ago. Quite a few people thought we were nuts, but it was fun.

deborah said...

wait....squirrel day? and you have a nazi squirrel running rambo in your migraine cap? go figure. I'm still dying to know how you dressed him.

Anonymous said...

Hey.... i'm sorry, i didn't read your post. but i wanted to thank you for your prayers.

i'm off to bed. take care of yourself

Nutmegan said...

Hi Deborah - Been enjoying the blog. Penguins rock! I think we will definitely go for bubble-wrap day, tho. I'm a migraine blogger, too (new blogger, not new to migraine) - please come visit -

- Megs

Jeff said...

A kiddle (kid'll) eat ivy too, wouldn't you?

Jeff said...

Oops. I didn't do that right. I was going to say something about how I never knew what that was saying when I was little.

deborah said...

Hey, someone actually remembers the song! somehow I am not totally surprised, Jeff! maybe you should incorporate that into a new rendition with the Receders and just blues it out.

My sis and I used to roll our eyes when my mother sang it. funny how some things stick like glue to the brain.

Erin - hope you're feelin better!

Meg - I'll be visiting your blog. thanks for stopping by.