Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Very Busy Christmas

YO HO HO! Little stinkwad.

This is probably the best pic that Frank and I have ever had done together.

Wow! Color Frankie happy here. Not easy to pin all four of them down together for a picture; and this came out wonderful. A real Kodak moment. Philip home for Christmas, Rachel here on Christmas morning - what a great day it started out to be. What a busy, busy week it has been.

These chairs were a hit for the kids, too bad I didn't get one for Philip. They love them.

Since the kids went to their Dad's this year on Christmas Eve evening, we decided to have them wake up on Christmas Eve morning and open up their gifts - without their knowing of course. That is the sucky part of divorce; switching the holidays every other year. But we make do with it, and it worked out fine. It was a very long holiday.

Lexi and Bri fell asleep at 10:30 - AM! How sweet is this, they also crashed at, rather Bri crashed by 7 pm the night before, and Lexi had been asking to go "night night" by 6:30. I wasn't sure if we just bored them or if they were totally exhausted. They were running constantly; from my house, then to Daddy's and back; then to Uncle Joe's and back here. By the time Tuesday came, they were so ready to go home, Lexi was growling (literally) and Bri had their bags packed and at the door.

But not before she could perform Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer with Frankie. And Joey played his violin, and even Vanessa got in on the act, naturally, being the performer that she is.

All before a live studio audience; "Uh, wake up, Larry. Larry, wake up, Larry!"

Anyway, it was very cute.

The very hot item this year was the digital photo frame; which we bought for Nonno and Nonna. I liked it so much, that Frank bought me one. I can't wait to be able to have some fun with it. I still have to get over and show them how to use it. I loaded photos from Italy, and their grandkids in Ohio and all over in it. Lot's of fun. Next, I will put Bocceli on it for them, as I got his new CD!! Good stuff.

My Dad also got my Mom a new digi frame AND camera set! GO DADDY! They will be coming to our New Years party, so hopefully, she will be sporting her new camera. (We were putting wine in Lexi's soda here) Look at the size of my Mom's wine glass!

The prince of all things smelly opening his gift. He is soooo disgusting.

Me and my beautiful girls.

Me and Frankie and his brother Joe.

hey, this is how I feel now. oh, and have been pretty much for the past two weeks. Can't seem to shake the migraine at all. Went for a little infusion drip on Friday and have been steadily taking my abortive, without much improvement. Hmmm, now what?

Time to go make some greens and beans soup. Poor Phil isn't feeling good today. They went to The SU game and he's feeling sick to his stomach. Hopefully, he'll feel better soon. It sure is good to have him home.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are pain-free


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Jackie said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! I'm glad everyone could get together, even if it wasn't on the actual day!