Thursday, December 06, 2007


It appears I've been tagged. Several times, I might add. And there's no way of getting by it, so here goes:

1. When cleaning my, or your, or any vehicle of the dreaded white fluffy cold falling stuff right now, it must must MUST be completely cleaned off. For me. Windows especially. The top of the car/van, hood, trunk, mirrors, lights - all of it. I need to see where I'm going, I'd like to see what's coming behind me. I believe people who simply use their wipers ONLY to brush the snow should be ticketed. They are a menace on the road. And a serious danger. You really can't see much through just the wipers.

This crazy snow-clearing makes Frank absolutely insane; as he is not the most patient person in the home when it comes to, well, leaving the house. When I'm the one clearing the off the van or car. It doesn't bother me to clean it off, mind you; but it bothers him a LOT that I spend such quality time dusting off every square inch of it. It's quite comical.

2. Back to the wipers - I use a LOT of windshield wiper fluid in the winter. I like my windows to be super extra clean and sparkling clear of debris and dirt and salt. I want to see where I am going, where I have been and what idiot is flying up on my rear end ready to blow me off the road is approaching. I am also very insistent if I am a passenger, I like MY side cleaned. It really does weird things to someone with neurological problems to see the crazy dirt patterns on the window, trust me. It's a very strange trigger for aura.

3. I am terrified of falling on the ice, so I make itsy bitsy teensy weensy small steps so that I don't fall. These little steps will probably make my falling much worse. At the very least, the sliding will be much more, oooh how do I put it, not graceful, but choreographed, yes that's it. Please just catch me if you're there. Somebody sign me up for Dancing with the Starz. (Terri??)

4. Today was a half day for the kids; but because I like to play tricks on them, today I got Christina, because she is easy. I told her I received an email from the district that said only the HS got to have the half day - hee hee. So she made her lunch, and grudginly went out the door. I told her to "have a rotten day," like always. Then told Nicholas what I did. We usually toss one of Frank's slippers or Rocco's chew toys in her bookbag before she leaves. I think this was much more fun, since she will be telling the kids on the bus that they have a full day of school. She is a lot of fun. Maybe I'll let her shovel when she gets home. Or make cookies.

5. It is taking me waaaaaaaay too long to paint this room:

and I'm not changing the color of the room. Just painting the trim. Oh, and fixing, did I mention that I am FIXING the trim. Oh, yes I am doing some repair work. The ginormous window in the front which had been replaced and had the woodwork removed, was pretty gouged up. It's not pretty. But fixable. To me, it's an eyesore, Frank says to just sand it out, prime and paint and cover with curtains. But i just grumble inside as I look at it. It's a mess. Saturday the floors will be refinished. Then, she will have a fresh slate to mar and gouge all herself. What am I thinking? This will, afterall, be Cinderisa's room.
Things that used to take me a weekend, now take me a month or more. The bare blue wall will feature a (hopefully)cool design with colors and squares and geometrical shapes that should send me right into migraine attack mode and my trusty infusion center.
6. I talk to people in public. Especially the not so nice people. AND I smile at them. Lord knows, they need a smile more than anyone else.
7. I am the gullible person who believes every stupid email I receive. The first time. But after several generations of the same thing, I finally catch on and delete if my spam isn't working. Like right now. I try not to forward to everyone on my list, but sometimes, I can't help myself. sorry.
8. here's the killer; for those of you with weight issues, I do apologise and comiserate. Frank has issues that he, too struggles with, as do I. Although, mine are waaaay on the other end of the spectrum; (I can feel the darts coming) gulp; I have trouble gaining weight. Muscle-mass weight. And it's no fun, really. Because, being in the little bubble I'm in has seriously depleted my weight. Exercise increases my migraines. Now that is fun. So what to do?? Yes, walk the dog, I know........ I feel the hate mail coming.
enough said. I have work to do in the big blue room.


Emily said...

ah, i can't hate on you for not being able to gain weight! everyone has their issues. why be mad at you for something you can't control?

i find myself losing muscle mass -- or the muscle is just turning to flab the longer these daily migraines go on. same kind of thing for me, exercise just makes things exponentially worse. :/ what can you do?

Migraineur said...

Wow, I could really tell that it's the beginning of winter, and you're in upstate NY. (Did I ever mention I grew up there?) And like you, I. Hate. Having. Snow. Anywhere. On. The. Car. If you leave the pillow of snow on top, it just flies down onto the windshield when you drive. As for the windows, tell your husband there's a reason that cars have them. :)

Hmm, loss of muscle mass - it could be (yeah, yeah, I know, you visit my blog, you've heard it all before) that you need more good quality protein. There's this number floating around somewhere that says we only need about 60 g of protein a day, but I can't figure out where that comes from - if you google for it, you'll find that everyone says it, but no one gives a source. I suspect someone made it up, or the World Health Organization said it was a bare minimum, and then someone translated "bare minimum" into "plenty." I actually consume nearly twice that every day. Try for at least 100 g, maybe more if you're experiencing muscle wasting. On a typical day I eat two or three eggs at breakfast, and 6 or 8 oz. of meat or fish at lunch and dinner, plus a little cheese. So, provided you're not too nauseated to eat, it's not too difficult to get the extra protein.

You won't get hate mail from me, by the way. I recently revised my goal weight because I learned that I have way more lean body mass under all my fat than I thought, and as far as I'm concerned, you never want to lose a single gram of your precious lean body mass. If you're losing yours, you are right to be concerned. Unless being concerned causes you to stress out and leads to more migraines, in which case, Quit worrying! :)

-Dianne, aka Migraineur

deborah said...

thank you, ladies. I must say, I about gagged on the egg comment, though. I can only tolerate them on an occassional basis. And I actually made egg salad yesterday. (gaggin again). Right now, the smell of tuna sends me running to another level of the house, and I make them bring the cans IMMEDIATELY to the garage. They refuse to open and prepare the stuff out there though. creeps.

oh, where in central NY??